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“Pay up!” Tom Paris crowed, as he and B’Elanna sat down with Harry Kim at the bar.  His friend had stopped by Utopia Planitia for a drink on his way to visit family on Earth, and although Tom couldn’t have cared less about the fifty credits, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give his buddy a good ribbing.

“Pay up?  What are you talking about?” Harry said, making a face.

“Didn’t you hear? You lost the bet,” Tom exclaimed.  Beside him, B’Elanna gave him a disgusted look and elbowed him, but he ignored it.  “Icheb’s getting married.”

Predictably, Harry choked on his drink. He looked like he’d just been stunned by a phaser – specifically, a phaser wielded by a child.  It took him only a second to play it off, rolling his eyes and shifting his expression to something more nonchalant, but Tom had seen his look of surprised dismay, and it was priceless. It made B’Elanna’s disgust worthwhile, even if he wound up sleeping on the couch tonight. Hey, he had some holo to catch up on, anyway.

When Icheb had started dating Maren, no one really expected it to last – after all, Icheb was the only person on Voyager more inept with women than Harry – but Tom had still bet Harry fifty credits Icheb would get married before him, just to piss him off.  Never in a million years had he expected to collect on the bet, but in a stroke of serendipity, he had just received word that the trip to Risa had gone as planned, and Icheb was now engaged.

“You’re such a jerk sometimes, Tom Paris,” B’Elanna chided him.

Tom took the opportunity to rib her, too.  “You’re just jealous that he’s moved on,” he teased her.  “But that’s okay.  I’m happy to keep serving as your rebound.”

B’Elanna shot him a look like a bat’leth.  Meanwhile, Harry kept his wallet closed.

“Well, give them my congratulations, but unless I’m mistaken, they’re not married yet,” he said.  “I’ll pay up when they say ‘I do, and not a minute before. Besides, how do you know I won’t beat him down the aisle?”

“Got a woman we don’t know about?” Tom asked.

Harry sighed.  “No,” he grumbled, taking another swig of his drink.  “But it sounds like I’m going to have to find a date for a wedding.”



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