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Learn about the neurological condition that has afficted Gul Tayben Berat since the Volan III incident, and many individuals of other species in the dark days of the Dominion War.

(Written from an in-universe perspective.)

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Series: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions Background Information
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Published: 14 Mar 2009 Updated: 14 Mar 2009
Story Notes:

This essay was adapted from the article I wrote for STExpanded.Wikia.com on phaser-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Although not named as such, the possibility of irreversible nervous system damage from overuse of the stun setting was mentioned onscreen in "Samaritan Snare" but without exact symptomology. The neurological results of a higher-powered hit are described in greater detail in Betrayal, the novel by Lois Tilton where the character of Berat first appeared. The linking of these into a single condition, as well as the naming and detailed clinical description and other information is unique to Sigils and Unions.

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