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This is a follow-on to my free write ‘Sink or Swim – Young McCoy’ and takes place a few weeks later.  Lenny and Joss were so different, so just what did he do to win her heart?  To his mind it was the events of this, their first date, that sealed the deal.


Rated: K+
Categories: Original Series Characters: McCoy, Leonard (Bones)
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: February Challenge - Overcoming a Calamity
Challenges: February Challenge - Overcoming a Calamity
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Word count: 3279 Read: 620
Published: 28 Feb 2015 Updated: 28 Feb 2015
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I was working on this when I got the news about Leonard Nimoy.   Even though the story isn’t about his character, I almost scrapped it, but felt compelled to finish it, for his sake.  I don’t think Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley realized when they were making Trek the joy it would bring to millions for decades to come, but more importantly, the influence their characters would have over the lives of everyone they touched.


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