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Family gifts for the holidays, showcasing a number of conventional and not so conventional families in my various universes and timelines.Eight cover

Family is of any color blood, any size, any dimension, any species, any sexuality, and any tradition.

Love is the ultimate IDIC.

Rated: K
Categories: Enterprise, Alternate Original Series, Deep Space Nine, Mirror Universe, Expanded Universes Characters: Beckett, Doug Hayes, Cavendish, Levi, D'Angelo, Otra, Daniels, Hayes, J., O'Day, Lili, Reed, Malcolm, Sato, Hoshi
Genre: Drama, Family, Holidays, Humor
Warnings: None
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Series: In Between Days, Emergence, Interphases, Times of the HG Wells, Hall of Mirrors, Eriecho
Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 800 Read: 14130
Published: 17 Dec 2014 Updated: 23 Dec 2014
Story Notes:

Eight drabbles for the eight nights of Chanukah.

1. Wendy by jespah [Reviews - 3] Liked (100 words)

Family crosses timelines and universes.

2. Kemajira/Eriecho by jespah [Reviews - 2] (100 words)

Eriecho meets H’Shema, and gets her name, as H’Shema the convict finds her purpose in life, and Saddik the Vulcan finds an unlikely benefactor.

3. Blended Family by jespah [Reviews - 2] Liked (100 words)

After the Breen attack on Earth, the bereaved find each other.

4. The Consequences of Involuntary Time Travel by jespah [Reviews - 2] Liked (100 words)

Two kicks back in time shuffle the relationship cards on the NX-01. Here’s a bit of the second shuffling. E2 timeline.

5. Sentient Marsupial Canid Logistical Nightmares by jespah [Reviews - 1] Liked (100 words)

How do you have a party when your family is the size of a small town?

6. Terrifying Etiquette by jespah [Reviews - 2] Liked (100 words)

Lots of things scare Levi Cavendish. One of them is figuring out how to do something for other people. 

7. Out of the Caves of Lafa II by jespah [Reviews - 3] (100 words)

The following is a dream conversation; shared dreams that cross between our universe and the Mirror are possible in the Lafa System. Talk and more is possible between people. Takara is the Empress Hoshi Sato’s only daughter; Tommy is Doug Beckett’s (counterpart to Jay Hayes) third-eldest child.

8. The Truth about Doug by jespah [Reviews - 4] Liked (100 words)

Lili and Doug are in an open marriage; Malcolm is Lili’s lover. Melissa is Doug’s (Norri is her lesbian lover). There are five children of varying parentages, including Tommy Digiorno-Madden. This is Lili’s prime timeline family, where Maria Elena Torres does not exist.