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The more time Deanna and Will spent together, building snowmen or playing inside the house when the weather was very bad, they became best friends.

Elizabeth was making her way back towards the couch when a sharp pain ripped through her abdomen. Taking a deep breath she looked nervously into the crackling fire in front of her. Will saw his mother and got a worried look on his face.


She waved her hand a little as Will tried to get closer.

“I’m ok, my little soaring eagle. But I need you to go and get grandmother for me.”

Will nodded his head and grabbed for Deanna’s hand.

“Come on, we have to find grandmother. She should be in
her room.”

Running down the hallway with Deanna nearly tripping over her feet behind him, he skidded to his grandmother’s door.

“Grandmother, mama needs you.”

The door opened to reveal Will’s grandmother. She was a tall woman, straight black hair and brown eyes. An older mirror image of his mother.

“Your mama needs me. Your sister yellow rose is one impatient baby. Where is mama?”

Riker pulled on his grandmother’s hand while he held Deanna’s in his right.

“In the living room by the fireplace grandmother. Emily is coming?”

His grandmother nodded her head slowly and let go of her grandson’s hand, walking over to her daughter. Will watched with big eyes as his grandmother took his mother by the elbow.

“Yes. I want you to go to your room and play with your friend Deanna. Mama will be just fine. I’ll call your aunt over at the hospital. Your sister won’t be here for a while.”

Will nodded his head at his grandmother, but was afraid of what was going to happen next. He took Deanna to his room and took some wooden blocks out of his closet. Putting them into groups by shape, Deanna stopped him.

“Is your mother alright?”

Will continued putting the blocks into groups by shape and shrugged his shoulders.

“Grandmother and Aunt Sara are taking care of her. My sister will be here soon.”

Deanna fidgeted on the floor and looked at the screen on Will’s wall.

“Maybe I should call my daddy. It’s almost time for dinner anyways.”

Will frowned and nodded his head as he pointed to his screen just behind him.

“Use my computer screen. You can call your daddy from there.”

Deanna nodded her head shyly and pressed a few buttons on Will’s computer screen. A few seconds later, the smiling face of her father Ian showed up.

“Deanna honey, are you ready to come home already?”

Deanna nodded her head and shifted on her feet.

“Yes daddy. Will’s mother is having his little sister, and besides mother is making petrokian sausage. I don’t want to miss that.”

Ian smiled at his daughter over the computer link.

“Alright, I’ll be there in a few minutes princess.”

The wall screen went blank and she saw Will’s eyes dart from right to left when he heard his mother scream in the room just next to him.

“Let’s go in the living room. We can bring my blocks out there, and build something while we wait for your daddy.”

As the two carried the box to living room, Deanna looked Will in the eye.

“Will, where’s your daddy?”

When they got to the living room, and put the box down, he pointed towards the sky.

“Daddy works on a starship up there. I forget which one though.”

Deanna rounded her mouth as if to say ‘Oh’. As they were putting together a large tower, the door chime sounded at the front of the house.

Will got up and pressed a few buttons on the screen by the front door. The faces of his Aunt Sara and Deanna’s father Ian showed up. Pressing the door mechanism, the door opened up.

“Aunt Sara, mama needs you. Hello Mr. Troi.”

Will’s mother had taught him to be polite, even at a young age. Deanna rose from her place on the floor and ran to her father.

“Daddy! Can we come back after Will’s mother has his little sister? I want to see what she looks like!”

Now it was Ian’s turn to shift uncomfortably on the wood floor of the cabin. Will’s Aunt Sara went past the three and opened up the door to his mother and father’s room, quickly closing it. Hearing Will’s mother scream made Ian nervous and turned to Deanna.

“We should give Will and his family some space. Having a baby is very… Hard and takes a long time.”

Deanna looked up at her father with big round black eyes and a few tears fell down her face.

“I want a sister. How come you and mother don’t have another?”

Ian didn’t know how to answer her question and quickly scooped her up into his arms, turning back momentarily, and the two waved at Will. As they left the house, Will shut the door. The computer monitor on the kitchen table started beeping and he went over to it. Taking a chair, he climbed on top and pressed the button to activate the screen.

“Son, I didn’t expect you to answer. Where’s your mother?”

Will looked towards his parents’ bedroom when he heard his mother scream once again.

“With Aunt Sara and grandmother. Emily’s coming daddy.”

His father tugged on his shirt and looked at him seriously.

“I won’t be able to make it back home for at least a week. I trust you and your grandmother can hold the fort down until I get back? Tell your mother I send my love. I’ll be back when I can son.”

The screen in front of Will went blank. He loved his daddy, but sometimes he wasn’t sure if his daddy loved him the same. His mother, grandmother and aunt and uncle, and grandfather gave him more than enough love.

His daddy was probably just so busy to be happy right now. He was now trying to build a city using his blocks, doing his best to block out his mother’s screams. He hoped that his sister wouldn’t hurt his mama on the way into the world.

To Be Continued…

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