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Chapter Notes:

I promise I’ll make it up to you guys, I’ll build up the romance again and give them another child.

Taking care of Deanna made Riker feel like she really needed him. For that fact, she did. Will had been taking care of her for a little over a week. Bev had given her something to help her fever come down twice. But by the second time, it wore off after only 2 hours. He remembered what she’d told him.

‘The best thing to do Will is try some country medicine. Apply cool cloths and hope the fever goes down. If it gets more serious don’t hesitate to bring her back.’

He wiped Deanna’s forehead with a cool and damp cloth. Putting the back of his left hand up to her forehead, he could still feel the heat radiating off her. She moaned and he wiped away more sweat.

“Shh. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”

He could barely hear what she was saying, but he knew she was in pain. He had to strain to hear what was coming out
of her mouth.

“It hurts.”

Riker wiped more sweat away from her forehead and he reached for the glass of water he’d just retrieved from the replicator.

“I know your throat hurts sweetheart but you’ve got to drink some water.”

Deanna shook her head no at Will and pushed the glass away.

“No, my stomach…”

His forehead creased in deep concern and reached for the bowl of saltines on the bedside table.

“Here, this’ll settle you’re stomach.”

Yet again, Deanna pushed the bowl of crackers away and lie back against the pillows. Shaking her head once more, she moaned again.

“No, this is different. It really hurts…”

Pushing the blankets and the sheets back, Riker’s eyes widened, his face becoming pale as he saw blood begin to pool by her feet. He was quick to use the comm panel on the table on the side of the bed to call for help.

“What happened Will?”

Will ran his hands over his face and beard and then through his hair nervously. With shaking hands, he grabbed for Deanna’s fevered one.

“I don’t know, Deanna said that her stomach was hurting her. I tried giving her crackers, she didn’t want them. I’d assumed she was talking about her throat at first. What’s going on doctor?”

Bev frowned at Will and passed her tricorder over Deanna one more time before pushing some buttons on it. A mask of sadness planted itself on her face, and he could’ve sworn there were a hint of tears in her eyes.

“I have some bad news, and it concerns the both of you. I’m afraid that Deanna’s just had a miscarriage. I’m sorry.”

Will felt like someone had just socked him in the stomach and slapped him in the face. The sinking feeling in his stomach didn’t dissipate. The thought he’d been pushing to the back of his mind for about a week, finally resurfaced once more. His voice cracked as he spoke.

“Mine? I mean ours?”

Bev nodded her head yes and shut her tricorder.

“Yes human and one-quarter Betazoid. Again I’m sorry. I’d like to take her back to Sickbay. She needs to be monitored for the next few days.”

He was quiet and stayed that way for the next few minutes. He’d just lost two halves of one whole.

To Be Continued…

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