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Chapter Notes:

Riker is in for a wake-up call in the very near future. *Not in this chapter though*. You can probably guess where I'm going next with this. *Smiles sheepishly.*

The more time they spent together, the more Riker and Troi felt that hard to describe invisible connection with one another. They had, had dinner every night together for the last couple of months, and their bond grew stronger. A match made in heaven they say? Most definitely. Will noticed Deanna had barely touched her food and was picking at it.


“You’ve hardly touched your dinner. That isn’t like you. What’s wrong?” He saw the look on Troi’s face and reached across to caress her cheek. “I’m not feeling too well tonight.”

One look at the last bit of his medium steak was what sent her in a beeline for the bathroom. Putting down his fork, he took the four big strides towards the bathroom and was instantly by her side, holding her hair back away from the toilet. Rubbing her back in sweeping circular motions, he waited to speak. After her retching stopped, he rubbed her back once more.

“When did you start feeling like this?”

Making her way over to the sink once she got to her feet, she washed her mouth out and then turned her attention to Will.

“Most of the day. My stomach has been bothering me on and off all day.” A thought crossed his mind, but he put it in the back for later reference. He didn’t want this particular thought to nag at him, especially if it was only just a stomach bug and nothing else. “Well then, I think we should visit Beverly. Maybe she can give you something for your stomach.”


“Nothing too serious here. You’ve just got a mild case of the Clodonian Flu. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. I want to see you back here in four days.”

Will gave Deanna a warm smile and kissed her hair. “I know just what you need, some chicken broth. A nice shower and some chicken brother and your bed.” A blush crept to Deanna’s face. Will had to admit, that he wanted any excuse just to take care of his girlfriend. He wiggled his eyebrows at her and spoke once more.

“You know, if you need someone to wash your hair for you, I’m available.”

Her face turned two shades of dark red and she playfully slapped at Riker’s chest.

“I may just take you up on that offer. Don’t tempt me.”


A cheeky smile spread across Riker’s face. Oh, that and more…


To Be Continued...

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