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“I’ll get her.”

Solymar was screaming at the top of her lungs by now, and Riker was sure she was about to wake up her sisters. Scooping Solymar up into his arms, he rocked her while gently swinging the cradle back and forth with his left hand. The other five remained asleep. Solymar grew angrier, her arms flailing and her legs kicking the air.

“What’s the matter Soly? What’s got you so angry huh?”

He felt something tickle his mind, turning to the only person in the room that it could’ve possibly come from, he found his wife fast asleep. He didn’t dare wake her, she needed rest. The girls were running her ragged. Puzzled, he turned when he felt it again, but it was more of a picture of a cold breeze running down a mountain. Riker gasped, hoping beyond hope that he hadn’t done it too loudly. He whispered down to Solymar.

“Your cold? Here, I’ll get you a blanket.”

Solymar had quieted as Will wrapped her up in the blanket she’d squirmed out of. He took her over to the sofa and sat down with her. Placing another blanket over himself, he felt her snuggle closer to him and start making happy noises. Riker was growing hot with the blanket over him, but, he was trying to keep Solymar comfortable.

“Just go back to sleep honey. Daddy is right here. I’ll keep you warm.”

He hadn’t noticed Deanna was in the doorway to their bedroom watching silently.

“Giving her a good meal?”

Riker narrowed his eyes playfully at his wife for a second and gave a soft chuckle.

“I don’t think I have exactly what she needs right at the moment.”

Now it was Deanna’s turn to laugh softly.

“You really have changed Will. Three or four years ago, you wouldn’t have thought that joke was funny. It is true though, men can lactate in certain circumstances.”

Will’s eyes were shining, Solymar’s murmurs were becoming quieter and quieter. He looked to his wife and smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes, he felt unsure, almost vulnerable. He didn’t like feeling that way.

“Solymar spoke to me Imzadi. More of a kind of picture, of wind blowing down a mountain. I suppose keeping her under the blanket is like being back inside the womb again. I think she’s asleep now. You shouldn’t be out of bed. You still need your rest.”

Deanna only waved him off.

“I’m fine. I’m there for my girls whenever they need me. You don’t have to do everything for me. I’m not an invalid.”

Riker shook his head and uncovered the blanket from around his body when he was sure Solymar was asleep. Placing Solymar into her mother’s arms, Will sighed as he heard Emma begin to cry. Soon, the other four were crying.

“I’m up to the challenge, but I think there are going to be many more sleepless nights ahead and sometimes I wished we had more than two arms to take care of all six of them. You can only hold two of them at once.”

It was clear to both parents that they would need some help sooner rather than later. Or organize a schedule to care for each of the girls, attend to their every need. It would not be easy, but the couple would figure it out as they went. They were always stronger together.


Chapter End Notes: Erm, is this ending alright?

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