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Story Notes:

Yes, I suppose you guys know where I'm going with this one. Always a reccuring them in most of my fanfics.

“That may explain some of the familiar feelings we have.”

Brushing a piece of wayward hair from Will’s face, Deanna stared into his baby blues.

“I don’t know what to think.”

The two inched closer to each other and found themselves in a heated, passionate kiss. Memories surfaced as the kiss got deeper and deeper. The kiss had created a sort of spark that was beginning to light an imaginary fire. Neither of them knew why they felt like two magnates attracting together, but it felt right somehow.

He held the familiar woman in his arms, basking in how calm she made him feel. He couldn’t remember anyone else making him feel this happy. Or safe. It was as if the two were tethered together by an invisible rope. He knew his name was Will Riker, and that the woman in his arms was Deanna Troi, ship’s counselor, but only because the computer had told them who they were. Shifting her in his arms so that he could get a look into her dark eyes he could feel something akin to sadness.

“What is it?”

A sad sort of smile crossed Deanna’s face, and she shook her head, burying it into Riker’s shoulder.

“So many memories have surfaced, but I don’t know what they all mean. The one that keeps surfacing is the face of a crying baby and then a little boy about 8. Something tells me he belonged to me, that he was my son. But I can’t remember what happened to him.”

Riker kissed the crown of Deanna’s forehead and held her closer. A thought crossed his mind, but he wasn’t sure if it applied to the situation at hand.

“I know there isn’t anything in either of our files that links the two of us to that baby, but do you think whatever happened to him drove us apart? Do you think we were married before?”

Shaking her head, Troi was quiet for a moment trying to process all the information that she’d been given in the last few hours.

“Something is telling me that it was just the two of us, that I was raising him alone, you weren’t part of the picture.”

Riker frowned and kissed her hair.

“Would be nice to put some names to some faces. I wish I knew more about how the two of us know each other. There is obviously something that connects us, but I don’t know what. Something at a much deeper level that I can’t even begin to explain.”

The two lie in silence for the next few minutes, trying to figure out the missing pieces of their lives. It was going to be a long road ahead.

To Be Continued…

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