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Chapter Notes: Not exactly sure if this turned out the way I expected it, but I hope you guys will like the ending. If you don't that's ok too. It was my first trek-fic.

I looked to Deanna and then Kaiti and Laura. Kaiti was still asleep. It seemed pretty busy out in Main Sickbay. We’d get through this like we always did with different crises that sprung up. A thought sprung to mind suddenly, jarring Deanna and making her shoot a startled look towards me.

“The bio-filters... They must not be working... Maybe its through direct contact with someone or something. And when did I become a doctor, maybe I should let Doctor Crusher handle this.”

She furrowed her eyebrows at me and sighed.

“It could very well be in the air we breathe too Will. I don't really think isolation at this point would matter.”

Our gazes turned to both sleeping children less than a meter away.

“An off-world new strain. We shouldn’t have let Kaiti play in the water.”

A hand went to my shoulder and a slight squeeze accompanied it.

“We didn’t know that the water carried the disease.”

I felt somewhat guilty that this was happening. Deanna squeezed my shoulder in comfort.

“Stop blaming yourself Will. It’s not your fault.”

Shaking my head I looked at my wife glumly.

“Here we go again... Who said Parenthood was easy?”

Deanna gave me a slight smile and kissed me for a minute, when we parted ways, she looked into my blue orbs.

“Well, we’ll do our best, like we always do.”
Two weeks later…

“I’ve got it! This time the vaccine should work. I had to rework how it kills the virus in other species, but it should work for everyone.”

A smile spread across my face and Bev came into the room with a hypospray and a glass vial filled with purple liquid. Inserting the vial into the hypospray, she pressed it first against my neck, and then the rest of my family. Bev shook her head satisfied.

“Now onto the next step: helping Kaiti walk again.”

Nodding I looked at Kait who had her legs swung on the side of the bed.

“Are you ready to start walking again princess?”

Kaiti was a little unsure at first but then nodded her head vigorously at me.

“Daddy! I wanna run!”

Deanna and I laughed at Kaiti. She always wanted to leap to the next step before she even took the first. Crisis averted.


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