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“…And you probably think you’re above playing nurse anymore, since you’re an MD now, but I hope you’ll consider it anyway, because I swear, Chris, there’s nobody I’d rather have working in my sickbay. Honest to God. So whaddya say?”

“I don’t know Leonard. I’ll have to think about it and let you know tomorrow. Anyway, my lunch break is over, so I have to get back to work.”


Several hours later there was an accident in Lab 2-B at Starfleet Medical. An experiment went awry, and the chemicals involved caused an explosion. Three people died, and seven others were injured by the blast. The lab was nearly destroyed. Naturally, the incident was on the news almost immediately. Within the hour, everyone knew about the accident. The names of the dead and injured were withheld, however, pending notification of the families.


Spock had planned to go over some reports which required his attention, but the task proved to be an exercise in futility. The lack of focus was entirely unacceptable, but, try as he might, he was unable to concentrate. His mind kept drifting to the explosion, and he could not stop wondering whether Christine Chapel had been one of the victims. Even more maddening, he could think of nothing else. He concluded that to regain his focus he must find out what happened to her, and the sooner it was done, the less likely it was that he would be “caught napping” as the saying went. The reports could wait.


Christine Chapel had almost finished dressing for a night out on the town when the doorbell rang.

“Janice, could you get that?”

“Sure, Chris.”

Janice Rand opened the door to the old townhouse….and just barely managed to keep her jaw from dropping to the floor.

“Chris, I think it’s for you.”

“Just a minute. I’ll be right down.”


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