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Rebuilding Jim Kirk and the Enterprise turn out to be very similar tasks: they involve a lot of teamwork. Set during the 1-year interregnum at the end of STID. Contemporary with Dawn With No Chorus.

Rated: T
Categories: Alternate Original Series Characters: Chekov, Pavel (Yelchin), Ensemble Cast - AOS, Ensemble Cast - Multiple, Kirk, James T. (Pine), McCoy, Leonard (Urban), Pike, Chris (Greenwood), Scott, Montgomery (Pegg), Spock (Quinto), Sulu, Hikaru (Cho), Uhura, Nyota (Saldana)
Genre: Angst, Drama, Friendship, General
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes
Word count: 11786 Read: 14653
Published: 02 Dec 2013 Updated: 02 Dec 2013
Story Notes:
This is a companion story for Dawn With No Chorus, and not, strictly speaking, a sequel. It can be read stand-alone, or along with Dawn as a cycle of STID-tags, depending on one’s preferences. As a chronological benchmark, Chapter 11 of Dawn would come just after this.

I am not from the Midwestern United States, nor am I a meteorologist, so I apologize for any egregious mistakes.

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