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A post-Star Trek (2009) ficlet surrounding the evolving relationships between Dr. McCoy, Spock, and Jim Kirk.

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Categories: Alternate Original Series Characters: Kirk, James T. (Pine), McCoy, Leonard (Urban), Spock (Quinto)
Genre: Friendship, General
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Published: 26 Oct 2013 Updated: 26 Oct 2013

1. Chapter 1 by Niobium [Reviews - 3] (2678 words)

This was for WFW #110, 'Opposites Attract', which sounded very McCoy and Spock, and then it got away from me so I figured it could stand to be its own piece (particularly if I wanted to add to it later).

I went with post-ST2009/pre-STID McCoy and Spock, because by STID they seem to have come to some sort of sass-filled truce, and I wanted to get into how that came about. ('Preventing Kirk from getting himself maimed and/or killed' seemed fun, even if it is low-hanging fruit.)

This is marked complete, but we'll see if anything more surfaces; the interregnum between ST2009 and STID is a fertile ground for 'getting to know you' fics that I’ve never looked at until now.