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Summary: Star Trek: The Lady and the Sword" (formerly titled, "Steel-Edged Grace") is a TOS-era story centered on the first female C.O. of a Constitution-class starship. Captain Grace McAfee was first runner-up to command the USS Enterprise, losing out to James T. Kirk. Her consolation prize was command of the USS Ranger, an older light-cruiser which was destroyed by two mysterious vessels in 2266. McAfee is credited with saving her crew and driving off the attackers, but she loses her ship and goes through an inquest (which clears her of blame). In 2268, she is languishing as in instructor of advanced tactics at the Academy until a series of events change her destiny and place her in the center-seat of a starship.
Rated: T
Categories: Original Series Characters: Ensemble Cast - TOS
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Adult Language
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Published: 25 Sep 2013 Updated: 06 Oct 2013

1. Prologue by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 4] (1934 words)
We begin our story with Captain Grace McAfee spending some leave time with her father, Professor Dennis McAfee. The Captain receives devastating news that will ultimately change the course of her career.

2. Chapter 1 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (1537 words)
Captain McAfee attends a funeral and has an awkward meeting with Captain James T. Kirk.

3. Chapter 2 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (2189 words)
Grace McAfee is summoned to appear before Admiral Nogura.

4. Chapter 3 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (2421 words)
Captain Grace McAfee is now the first female C.O. of a Constitution-class starship. But USS Excalibur is a mess following the M-5 incident, requiring months of rebuilding, and McAfee has to assemble a new crew from scratch beginning with the senior officers.

5. Chapter 4 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (3003 words)
Commander Espinoza lays out his case as to why he should serve as First Officer but events from his past may torpedo his chances.

6. Chapter 5 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 1] (3457 words)
Captain McAfee enjoys some stick-time in a starfighter and meets Lt. Commander Heath Forester, their new Senior Helm & Tactical Officer.

7. Chapter 6 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 1] (2678 words)
The crew of the Excalibur say their last goodbyes before their official launch. And on Canaris IV, scientists at the Salem Science Station make an ominous discovery.

8. Chapter 7 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (2721 words)
The Excalibur is finally underway and en-route to sector 009 when they are diverted to the Canaris system.

9. Chapter 8 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (1911 words)
The Excalibur arrives at Canaris IV but the landing party finds more questions than answers.

10. Chapter 9 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 1] (1978 words)
Unable to communicate with Excalibur, the landing party continues to seek answers to the deaths of the Salem colonists. Lt. Commander R'Shraan discovers a possible explanation that defies the laws of the physical universe.

11. Chapter 10 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (2637 words)
Excalibur encounters the source of the deadly anti-energy while the landing party weighs their options and discover something unexpected.

12. Chapter 11 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (2070 words)
The landing party discovers a survivor and a clue to how they might deal with the anti-energy threat.