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Summary: Set in the post Dominion War era, "Rock Jockeys" follows the travails and adventures of the crew of the SS Balaam, a civilian ore tug commanded by ex-Starfleet / ex-Maquis Daniel Carbo and his motley assortment of cargo haulers known in the trade as Rock Jockeys. Part of the United Trek universe and told from Daniel Carbo's perspective.
Rated: T
Categories: Expanded Universes Characters: Ensemble Cast - Multiple
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Adult Language
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Word count: 14640 Read: 14189
Published: 23 Sep 2013 Updated: 05 Oct 2013
Story Notes:
Captain Daniel Carbo and the crew of the SS Balaam have a job offer that promises to be quite lucrative. The problem is the job involves the Grullans, a race more miserly and unpleasant than the Ferengi. Adding to their woes is a crew member on the run from the Orion Syndicate. If Carbo and company can complete the job in a timely manner, they will have the resources needed to make some much-needed upgrades to their ship - assuming they live long enough to collect payment!

1. Chapter 1 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 4] (2493 words)
Daniel Carbo wakes up in a holding cell on Desola Station with a hangover and an impressive set of cuts and bruises. His First Mate, the lovely red Orion Reyla Jurn, posts his bail and surprises him with the news that the Balaam & crew have a job lined up.

2. Chapter 2 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (1676 words)
Captain Carbo stumbles upon some disturbing crew troubles. These worries are offset when he discovers how much their new job will pay.

3. Chapter 3 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (1471 words)
More crew troubles arise as Carbo discovers that the Balaam may be in the cross-hairs of the Orion Syndicate.

4. Chapter 4 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 2] (1800 words)
Tempers flare as Carbo's judgment is called into question and a crew member makes a grave error.

5. Chapter 5 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 1] (3006 words)
Sing Yu is near death following an overdose of Brain Blast. Marie Langier shares her secret past with Captain Carbo.

6. Chapter 6 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 1] (1771 words)
The Balaam finally arrives at Fordson's planet to discover some old acquaintances are already in orbit.

7. Chapter 7 by TheLoneRedshirt [Reviews - 1] (2423 words)
Captain Carbo and First Mate, Reyla Jurn, share a near-death experience before Captain Tabatha Chase and Captain John Colt arrive to save the day.