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Chapter Notes: Andy Corrigan comes up with a story that comes back to bite him in the rear.


"They'll eat your soul," Andy whispered, as they watched the large number of seagulls presiding over the running of the alewives. Well, okay, maybe presiding wasn't the word. There was only one reason the large gulls were there, and it definitely wasn't to gently direct the fish to their spawning grounds.

"They will not," Jas answered, but he shuddered anyway when one of the gulls hopped close to the bridge they were laying on to watch.

"Oh yes. When you least expect it, they'll come flying outside your bedroom window at night, and you'll hear their feathers swishing against the glass, and the next thing you know--"

"Andy, stop it!" Jas's voice was a little quivery.

Andy thought about making fun of him, for being a baby, 'cause he was nine and what nine year old was really afraid of seagulls?

So it turned out, it was Andy, who woke up in the middle of the night because he'd dreamed of a flock of them brushing wings at his window, and wailed all the way into Mom and Dad's room, where he crashed into the bed between them and refused to move until morning.

Of course, he never told Jas about that part.

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