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Summary: (2229 - ) All of the little bits written that fit Arc of the Wolf canon, but don't slot neatly into the storyline itself. Most of them are free writes, and offer alternate POVs or stylistic diversions or just a bit of humor or fluff or introspection. In chronological order.
Rated: K
Categories: Original Series Characters: Corrigan, Andrew (Corry), Hanson, Abigail, Scott, Montgomery (Scotty), Spock, Uhura, Nyota
Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship, General, Humor
Warnings: None
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Series: Arc of the Wolf: Uncategorized, Arc of the Wolf
Chapters: 9 Completed: No
Word count: 6313 Read: 16865
Published: 25 Jul 2013 Updated: 14 Jan 2016

1. Flock of Seagulls by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (204 words)
Andy Corrigan comes up with a story that comes back to bite him in the rear.

2. Sty-n'-Fly by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (959 words)
Scotty, working at Lunar, on a particularly foul day.

3. Regard by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (854 words)
Cor's father, Aaron, reflects upon the unlikely but not unwanted addition to his family. Set loosely around Bookends.

4. Wicked by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (325 words)
The aftermath of Lobster Wars, from Melinda Corrigan's point of view.

5. Enduring by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (1144 words)
Scotty's no longer quite alone in his nightmares.

6. Case Closed by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (941 words)
Phil Boyce solves a mystery.

7. For the Hundredth Time... by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (526 words)
Scotty, Spock, a transwarp beaming formula and a well-orchestrated dance. Written for lil black dog.

8. Touchstones by SLWalker [Reviews - 1] (945 words)
Scotty, trying to cope with what happened on Argelius II, at least long enough to get home.

9. Outside by SLWalker [Reviews - 0] (415 words)