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Summary: Essay written by me, Koschei, supporter of squid rights.
Rated: K
Categories: Deep Space Nine, Meta, Essays and Everything Else Characters: Bashir, Julian
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Published: 01 Jun 2013 Updated: 01 Jun 2013
Story Notes:
Gimme a break, okay? I was going through a brief infatuation with DS9's CMO, and this is one of the results. This was practice for Standerized Testing, and I was awarded 5/6 points.

Writing prompt: Think about your best friend or someone you would lke to have as a best friend. On the lines below, write five paragraphs describing him or her. Explain how this person acts, what he or she looks like, what he or she likes to do, and why he or she is your best friend or could be your best friend. You do not have to use all the lines.

1. The Essay. by Squid_Toast [Reviews - 1] (193 words)
“I'll refer you to the school's GC, Koschei. HE'S FAKE!”-James Sheufelt