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Summary: The Vorta, Weyoun tells us, used to be quite different than what they are today. Well, yes--and no. After all, how do you tell the whole truth about yourself when you're not even quite sure what the whole truth is?
Rated: T
Categories: Deep Space Nine, Expanded Universes Characters: Weyoun
Genre: Drama, General, Het
Warnings: Adult Situations, Character Death, Violence
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Published: 25 May 2013 Updated: 31 May 2013
Story Notes:
Through seven seasons of Deep Space Nine, we learned a few pertinent facts about the Vorta. Their eyesight is poor. Their hearing is good. They can taste nothing but kava nuts and rippleberries, two foods presumably native to their home planet. They are genetically programmed to view the Founders as gods. We were even given two different versions of how the Vorta became part of the Dominion.

But I've always wanted to give the Vorta a history and culture of their own, more than just hints and misinformation. This story, which, in some form or another, has been in my mind for ten years, is my attempt to do that.

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