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Part of the Twelve Trials of Triskellion Ficlet Challenge.



The creed of the Border Patrol Service is a simple one:

To save lives. To protect borders. To hold the line.

On the frontier, on the edge of Federation space, stands guard a series of stations and outposts charged with keeping a watchful vigil to be an ever vigilant sentinel. The first line of defence ...

Seven ficlets depicting life on a Space Station Relay Outpost for a newly appointed Lt. Commander. Outpost Shepherd's Reach, the farthest flung and unimportant outpost serving Star Station Hope is not the place of dreams. But it is where one Lt. Commander will make or break her career.

Rated: T
Categories: Expanded Universes Characters: None
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Adult Language
Challenges: None
Series: The Watchtower Universe
Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes
Word count: 3524 Read: 8595
Published: 19 May 2013 Updated: 25 May 2013
Story Notes:

Set within the Watchtower Universe.

1. Pack your bags and deodorant. by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 13] (503 words)


Star Station Hope: Watchtower

Office of Commodore Tekesha Tanner

Commanding Officer, Sixth Cutter Squadron

Year: 2367

2. A Wrench in the Works by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 10] (503 words)


Sentinel Station: 251 - ‘Shepherd’s Reach’

The Auxragon Reach Nebula

Commanding officer: Commander Fiacre Durant

Border Patrol Squadron: 6th Cutter Squadron

3. The Blues by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 10] (504 words)

4. Nebulous Command by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 9] (504 words)

One month into Liseth's assignment.

5. Adrift by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 8] (504 words)

Star Stallion 2 responding to an adrift vessel on Shepherd Reach's sensors.

6. Derelict by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 8] (505 words)

7. Part of the Uniform by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 10] (501 words)