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What's the history of the other side of a proverbial pond, where violence reigns?

This is a collection of Weekly Free Writes Hall of Mirrorsand stories which take place in the Mirror Universe. These stories cross through other series and are often repeated there.

At the beginning of each chapter, I’ll introduce it with the teaser information (if any) plus the date(s) when a story took place. Some stories take place during several time periods; I’ll try to cover them all. Furthermore, I’ll put the stories together in chronological order by their main time periods. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that I will write something at a later date which takes place earlier. Hence you will probably see some shuffling.

My hope is that by putting these stories together this way, they will begin to have more coherence, and that the reader will be able to better see how it all fits together.

As always, I thank you for reading, reviewing and inspiring.


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Published: 27 Sep 2012 Updated: 11 Dec 2014

1. The High Cost of Dissidence by jespah [Reviews - 2] (1621 words)

One casual slip of the tongue spells disaster for Lili’s counterpart and her family. Takes place in June of 2118.

2. Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses by jespah [Reviews - 0] (10 words)

On January eighteenth of 2155, a power vacuum is filled in the Mirror Universe.

3. Paving Stones Made From Good Intentions by jespah [Reviews - 0] (10 words)

Doug is promoted to run Tactical after Malcolm has died, and remembers a pivotal incident from his childhood. Takes place on February 13, 2155 with a flashback to August 20, 2109.

4. First Born by jespah [Reviews - 0] (23 words)

Richard Daniels’s careless decision by inaction rips through the timeline in both universes.

5. Reversal by jespah [Reviews - 0] (49 words)

Meet Lili O'Day, sous-chef on the NX-01. Lonely and bored, she has little to look forward to, save learning from Chef what's for dinner.

Until she begins having interesting dreams.

The story begins on October 28th of 2157 and continues into November 15th of that year.

6. Brown by jespah [Reviews - 2] (1427 words)

The Empress tries to get MacKenzie and Masterson to deal with a certain infestation. Takes place in May of 2158.

7. Ceremonial by jespah [Reviews - 0] (878 words)

On April 9, 2160, Charles, Beth and Charlie become citizens of the Mirror Lafa System.

8. The Conspiracy by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1532 words)

New Year’s Day of 2161 brings a fresh threat to the Empress and her family.

9. Gilded Cage by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1030 words)

On January 7, 2161, the Empress confines Aidan to quarters.

10. Coveted Commodity by jespah [Reviews - 0] (39 words)

In May of 2161, Travis has to decide whether he will throw in his lot with Dr. Morgan.

11. Temper by jespah [Reviews - 0] (40 words)

He really didn't want to go back there. It was the last thing he wanted to do.

But it was his family that was at stake, so he put everything aside, and went anyway.

Could he put back what had gone haywire?

Beginning on the first of February, 2161, with some incoherence to May of that year, the story contains flashes forward to December 26, 2166 and June of 2178.

12. Fortune by jespah [Reviews - 0] (46 words)

How do you begin, or begin anew?

What's going to happen next? What if you could predict it, or at least have a good handle on forever?

What would you do with that information? And for the people you've promised yourself to, forever, what does that really mean? Do you ignore the truth, or do you listen to all of it, even the ugliest parts?

The story begins on October 25, 2161, and contains flashbacks to events taking place between 2128 and 2157, and flashes forward to events taking place from 2165 through 2234, with extreme future flash forwards to 2379, 2991 and 3109. Also directly shows events in January of 2162.

13. The Play at the Plate by jespah [Reviews - 1] (660 words)

Andy meets Melissa, on July 9, 2162.

14. Bread by jespah [Reviews - 0] (5 words)

Independence begins and ends in early 2192, for Leah Benson and her counterpart as they face challenges in both universes.

15. Escape by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1088 words)

In 2192, Andrew Miller remembers the events of 2166 as he makes his escape from the Empress Hoshi Sato.

16. Who Shall Wear the Robe and Crown? by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1144 words)

On May the 12th of 2245, there is a death, and it has a few complications.

17. That's Not My Name by jespah [Reviews - 0] (736 words)

In 2266, the position of Captain’s Woman changes hands.

18. It Had to Be You by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1077 words)

In 2266, the new Captain’s Woman gets a surprise visit.