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Chapter Notes:

Sheilagh and HD celebrate the end of the year holidays.

“You celebrate the old holiday?” HD asked. 

“Sure,” Sheilagh replied. She retrieved a nine-branched candelabrum from a cabinet and two candles. 

“There’s no tree, babe.” 

“Jews don’t do the tree thing.” 


“What were your Christmases like when you were a kid?” she asked while setting up. 

“Mom would yell for me and Dad. She’d go, ‘Big Hank! Little Hank!’ and we came running for ham. Then she’d go downstairs and look at the trains we’d set up.” 

“No ham chez Bernstein. I replicated turkey.” 

“I got no trains, babe.” 

She kissed him. “That’s okay. Happy, uh, stuff.” 

“Happy stuff.”

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