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Chapter Notes:

How do you begin, or begin anew?

What’s going to happen next?

What if you could predict it, or at least have a good handle on forever?

What would you do with that information?

And for the people you’ve promised yourself to, forever, what does that really mean? Do you ignore the truth, or do you listen to all of it, even the ugliest parts?

The story begins on October 25, 2161, and contains flashbacks to events taking place between 2128 and 2157, and flashes forward to events taking place from 2165 through 2234, with extreme future flash forwards to 2379, 2991 and 3109. Also directly shows events in January of 2162.

Originally written and intended to be the end of the In Between Days series, Fortune is now more of an inspiration for other stories, and provides a framework for what's to come, and a bridge between In Between Days and The Times of the HG Wells.

Fortune can be found here.

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