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November, 2375

The Dominion War has entered its final stage. Despite the sudden addition of the Breen, their latest offensive has stalled due to the rebellion of Legate Damar, allowing the Dominion's enemies to reclaim some occupied territory.


In the fiercely contested Kalandra Sector, the Federation Alliance has attacked the Moreska shipyards, the last major shipbuilding facility in the sector. A garrison consisting of the reformed Sixth Division is completely cutoff from reinforcement.

On the nearby world of New Xindus, Arjagul Tarska Hesar is face with a difficult decision. With the fate of Septimus well known, does he allow the Sixth Division to be destroyed again, or does he launch a daring plan that could be his last victory of the war?

Rated: T
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Genre: Action/Adventure, Family, Tragedy
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Series: Tales of the Dominion
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Word count: 6770 Read: 1312
Published: 18 Jun 2012 Updated: 18 Jun 2012
Story Notes:

Inspired by Battlestar Galactica.

1. Assault on Moreska by Jean-Luc Picard [Reviews - 3] (6770 words)