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Chapter Notes:

In 2213, Declan Reed goes all in.


“Do you know any rabbis?” Declan Reed was on long distance with his kinda brother, not a brother, Tommy Digiorno-Madden. Tommy was on the Excelsior


“Rabbis. You know what a rabbi is, right, Tom?” 

“Sure. Whaddaya want one for?” 

“I, uh, I’m seriously considering getting married again.” 

“Oooohhh. Rebecca Shapiro.” 

“Right, Major Digiorno-Madden.” 

“Doesn’t she have her own?”

“Yes. This isn’t for her. It’s for me.” 


“I want to convert.” The wall display slid to the date – May 6, 2213

“I guess you’re sure,” Tommy said. 

Declan nodded. “I want to be completely hers.”

“I’ll make some calls.”


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