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Suddenly he was no longer alone in the void and it was two against the darkness...

The events of "The Spear in the Other's Heart" and "Being Before Seeming," from another point of view.

Rated: K+
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Warnings: Adult Language, Violence
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Series: Gul Rejal's Shadow of the Order: An Alternate Universe
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Word count: 3447 Read: 1199
Published: 23 Nov 2011 Updated: 23 Nov 2011
Story Notes:

The story title comes from the Underoath song, "Who Will Guard the Guardians."

1. Worth Saving by Nerys Ghemor [Reviews - 2] (3447 words)

"Kai" is the word for "yes" in Gul Re'jal's Cardassian language.  "Aladan" is Sabal's first name.