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In 2258 Romulan ship Narada attacked and destroyed Vulcan. It was a big blow to the Federation: they lost one of their founding members and many valuable people, who could not share their knowledge and ideas any more. The Federation’s expansion slowed down, too, because the Council did not want to risk losing any more lives. They became cautious.

The Romulans, on the other hand, became very bold and aggressive, believing that great future lay ahead of them. Their empire was expanding, taking and subjugating more and more planetary systems. In early 2330s their warships attacked the Cardassian Union, which resulted in a bloody, costly and terrible war. Cardassia, always poor in resources, managed to bravely fight and defend itself for over forty years, but in the end had to capitulate and sign a treaty, which forbade them from exploring and expanding in the general direction of the Romulan Star Empire. Cardassian interests moved to the other side of their empire, away from the Romulans, the Klingons and the Federation.

After the terrible war that had claimed billions of lives, the Cardassians promised themselves to never become to anyone what the Romulans were for them: butchers. One of their golden rules: to annex only uninhabited planets, regardless if the goal was colonisation or resources extraction.


It's 2395. The Cardassians heard about a newly discovered, stable wormhole. They want to know if there are any rich in resources planets on the other side and prepare an expedition.

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Series: Re-Shaping a Cardassian
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Published: 20 Nov 2011 Updated: 07 Feb 2012
Story Notes:

The story takes place several months after the events of “Nec Locus Ubi Vulcan,” Old Earth Calendar year of 2395.

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