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The spear in the other's heart was the spear in her own--and she could not turn back.

Contains major spoilers for Gul Re'jal's The Shadow of the Order.  Please read Shadow first!

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Series: Gul Rejal's Shadow of the Order: An Alternate Universe
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Published: 17 Nov 2011 Updated: 17 Nov 2011
Story Notes:

This story was originally written in response to kes7's prompt, "I won't let you do it," over at Ad Astra, but not published at that time.  Posted here with the gracious permission of Gul Re'jal.

I read The Shadow of the Order as it was originally being written, and was so overcome by the horrors taking place that I had to write this story, so that in at least one universe there might be a chance.  Her story had not yet been finished when I wrote this.  Curious to know what happened in the canon story, though?  Be sure to check out Gul Re'jal's amazing work in The Shadow of the Order.

1. The Spear in the Other's Heart by Nerys Ghemor [Reviews - 2] (1688 words)

The point of divergence for this universe is early in chapter 12 of The Shadow of the Order, just prior to the introduction of the Vulcan crewmember.  Prior to that, while we can assume there was an additional member of the Karamazov away team, the changes had little to no effect.