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Noxx had moved his ship several times. He even took on a few legitimate sub orbital cargo runs and some trade deals. His crew and the three bounty hunters were all in the ships lounge. Most of the ship was Spartan and utilitarian as it didn’t need to be fancy for the work it did. The lounge area was a contrast to the rest of the ship and was well furnished and more finished than the rest of the ship.

It was a great place to relax for the crew on long cargo runs. The men were discussing ways to re capture the Orions. Noxx did not look it but he was quite intelligent. That is what made him a very good con man and why he got away with a lot of his scams.

“The man who shot you at the club,” said Noxx. “Tell me about him.”

The man that Dylan had stunned in the club was the only one of the bounty hunters that got a good look at him. The other two were distracted by the Orion women.

“He was star feet, tall black hair,” replied the man. “He didn’t like it when I asked his woman to dance.”

“What color was his uniform?”

“Gold. The woman was wearing a black jacket and skirt and was quite the looker.”

Things started to click for Noxx. He remembered his three hired guns all knocked out when he arrived at the club. The couple he saw kissing outside was probably no more than twenty or thirty years from the club and their clothes matched the description.

The distance from the club that Noxx saw Dylan and Dr. West kissing was about right for some one leaving the club after Dylan stunned the first bounty hunter. Noxx poured himself a drink as he thought for a moment. Noxx might have made a great analyst if he weren’t involved in criminal activities.

The bounty hunters told Noxx that when they woke up from being shot, there was no trace of the Orions, or the couple Noxx saw. It was reasonable to think that the Orions were at least left with the couple he saw kissing.

It was also reasonable to think that the man kissing the woman, even though he didn’t see his face was the man that gave Noxx quite the beating the other night. Noxx knew there had to be away to find out who these people were.

“Noxx we know the girls are working at the night club, we could try and grab them again,” said one of the bounty hunters.

“That’s no good,” replied Noxx. “They know we are coming for them. If they see us they will take action. They are out in the open and in public on purpose. Orion women are incredibly intelligent and they can impair the judgment of men. That’s why I use them to rip off people. Look what happen to you two. You didn’t see the man who shot you because you chasing tail.”

“We should be able to get three women back, we out number them and we are stronger,” said one of Noxx’s crew.

“We should,” Noxx refilled his glass.“But these are no ordinary women.”

Noxx was coming up with a plan. He knew that most of humans on the planet lived or worked at the huge star base. He knew that the man that protected the Orions was a transient and not one that was stationed at the base. He actually cares for these women and that, in Noxx’s mind was his weakness. Noxx could use that to his advantage.
Noxx had committed himself to getting the Orions back and he would not leave the planet until he had them. Security and the base and the local police would make kidnapping the girls difficult but not impossible. The Orions had gotten away from Noxx twice and it was trying his patience.

The Orions were indeed very skillful at escape and evasion. The girls remained at their hotel, but changed rooms. They stuck together, but varied their routines. They varied the times they would leave for and depart the night club, they stayed in view and in crowded populated areas and they took different routes to and from the night club. Taking them would be difficult, but not impossible.

Noxx tried to remember in detail everything about the couple he saw kissing outside the club. Noxx could not see the woman’s face, but he did remember her clothes and her reddish brown hair. That and the description of the bounty hunter that asked her to dance. It wasn’t a lot to go on but it was a start.

“You,” Noxx pointed to the bounty hunter that saw Veronica close up. “You have seen this woman’s face. There is a high probability she lives or works at the base, most of the humans on this planet do. Change your clothes, she has seen you also. Go to the starbase and hang out in the public areas. Walk around and look like you have a purpose. When you find her contact me and we will take her quickly.”

“Noxx,” said one of his crew. “That is not a good idea. If she is Starfleet we could have them all over us. If she does not report for duty or-“

“Don’t worry about that,” answered Noxx. “We only need her long enough to get the officer here that tore up the bar. He will come for her.”

“Are you sure?”

“Count on it.”

Rowe walked Dylan to his quarters after his long day on the bridge. Now, finally he could think about some serious rack time. They reached Dylan’s door. All Dylan wanted to do was get in there and get into bed.

“That was some fancy flying today when we docked,” said Gina. “I think you impressed Mister Spock. Listen I am meeting Tyler for dinner. Care to join us?”

“Gina, nothing would please me more, and I appreciate the offer,” replied Dylan. “But I really need to get in my rack.”

“I know. I thought I’d ask.” Gina smiled and patted Dylan on the cheek. “Sleep tight, hot shot.”

Dylan nodded as Gina headed to the mess hall. Dylan stepped into his quarters and straight to his bed. He didn’t bother taking off his uniform and he was asleep in less than five minutes.

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