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Above the planet, aboard the Enterprise, Dylan monitored his panel. There wasn’t much to monitor as all systems were in the green and the ship was on auto pilot. In the right seat was Gina Rowe. Tyler has been assigned to help the engineering crew with repairs.

The bridge had minimal crew at the stations. With about a third of the crew left on the ship and the rest all on liberty, the ship did not require as many personnel to operate. Mister Spock was at his station calibrating his instruments. Spock would never admit it but he liked to get more performance out of his equipment and often helped other departments do the same.

Most of the repairs to the ship had been completed on the interior of the ship, now it was time to finish up work on the hull.
The Enterprise had to wait in line as there was another ship in the queue and the two other dry docks were unavailable with ships parked in them, a civilian liner, the other an Andorian merchant ship.

“Mister Spock,” said the communications officer. “The dock master has cleared us for approach and berthing in dry dock 3.”

“Very well,” replied Spock as he moved to take the center seat. “Mister Dylan, do you think you can put the ship into dry dock with out destroying anything?”

Laughter came from the bridge crew even Dylan. It seemed Dylan’s fight in the bar has spread trough out the ship.
“Good one, Mister Spock,” said Rowe. “I didn’t think Vuclans could be funny.”

“We have our moments, Mister Rowe,” replied Spock. “Humor is a concept I do not understand, and I am afraid my rare attempts at it often are not successful.”

“You should try it more, Mister Spock,” added Rowe.
“I will consider it. Mister Dylan, you may proceed with docking.”

“Aye sir,” acknowledged Dylan.

Dylan was thrilled that he got to do some real piloting. He took the ship off auto pilot and took over manual control. Dylan gave the Enterprise a little push from the impulse engines then cut them back to maneuver. The orbital office complex that hovered on the lower left of the viewer rolled out of sight as Dylan turned the ship. The rest of the way to the dock would be a series of precision bursts from the thrusters.

Within a few minutes the huge dry dock structure came into view. A small dot at first then it grew bigger as the ship approached. Spock thought Dylan was coming in a little hot, but said nothing.

Dylan turned the ship again to line up for the approach. The dock was a huge rust orange open box with spotlights and equipment to repair thing on the exterior of the ship. Designed and built by Probert Heavy industries, the huge open frame box could be extended and retracted to accommodate ships of different sizes.

Moving a one thousand foot, seventeen story tall ship into a larger structure was no small feat even though the maneuver was done at several star bases on a frequent basis. The dock grew larger on the viewer. Dylan rolled the Enterprise thirty degrees starboard to match the angle of the dock.

The inertia of the first kick from the impulse engines carried the Enterprise steadily to her destination. Dylan was making small corrections all the way in. Rowe was monitoring Dylan’s piloting and was watching her panel. Dylan need to roll about three degrees to part to get the approach vector perfect.

The dock was getting closer now as it filled the full with of the viewscreen and still a little to fast. The Enterprise coasted a little more then Dylan began braking as the ship entered the dock. Dylan matched the velocity of the dock and even though the viewer it looked as if the ship was stopped, the dock and the Enterprise and the dock were now in a synchronous orbit and floated gracefully together. Dylan checked his panel and put the ship back on auto pilot.

“And that folks, is how we do that,” said Dylan with an air of confidence as he high fived Rowe.

“Mister Spock, docking maneuver complete,” reported Dylan.
“Very well,” replied Spock.

It was thirteen thirty hours. Despite the lack of sleep Dylan was holding up well.

“Mister Dylan, Mister Rowe you may take your lunch,” said Spock. “I will see you back here at fourteen thirty.”

Dylan and Rowe got up and moved toward he turbo lift as the communications and engineering officer took their places at helm and navigation. Spock returned to his science station to continue his work there.

“Can we bring you anything from the mess hall, Mister Spock,” asked Rowe.

“Some Vulcan spice tea would be appreciated,” replied Spock.

Rowe nodded and stepped into the turbo lift. She turned to Dylan.

“How are holding up,” she asked.

“Okay for now. Pike at least gave me the next couple days off,” replied Rowe.

“Any plans to see the doctor friend of yours?”

“Not yet.”

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