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The morning was crisp and beautiful, a slight bite in the cool mountain air. Chris Pike breathed in the fresh mountain air and enjoyed it. He was in five hundred miles of unspoiled park land. He had rented a horse and a small cabin. The cabin was in a valley between two mountain ranges and a shallow but wide mountain stream curved its way between them.

For Pike this was a slice of pure heaven. As much as he liked the service, he liked this even more. No settling border disputes, getting involved with diplomatic entanglements between worlds, fighting Klingons or facing unknown threats in deep space or hundred other things starship captains had to deal with. Pike realized he didn’t take nearly as much time off as he deserved. The only technology Pike brought with him was a hand phaser and a communicator.

Pike left orders with Spock to not contact him unless there was an absolute reason to.
Pike was in outdoor gear, jeans, hiking boots a long sleeve sweater and had brought a heavy jacket with him. So far the weather was not an issue. Pike went down to the stream where his horse was taking in a cold drink. He gave the beautiful animal a carrot like vegetable native to the planet.

Nearby a fire was going with his breakfast. Pike had caught a couple salmon like fish from the stream. He would eat one of fish and smoke the other to take with him. Pike filled a couple canteens with the fresh water then went to check on the fish.

As Pike enjoyed the fish, he looked at a map of the park and planned a ride that would take most of the day. He was going to enjoy the hell out of it. Pike couldn’t help but occasionally think of work. He thought of checking in with Spock to see how things were, but stopped himself. He wondered how Number One was enjoying her leave as well.

He had to trick her to get her off the ship and had a security detail escort her off the Enterpise . Pike beamed down with her and checked her into a resort to make sure she was at least starting to take a much needed break. The fact was everyone needed a break, even the senior officers.

Pike thought briefly of his helmsman. How much trouble could Dylan get into spending twelve hours on the bridge just keeping the ship in orbit, a job a first year Academy pleeb could do in his sleep. But knowing Dylan, there had to be a way. He quickly dismissed that thought. If Dylan did get in trouble, Spock was capable of dealing with it and Pike did not know to know abut it he did. Pike took his time with his breakfast as he took in the quiet and calm of the location.

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