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The punch Dylan delivered sent Noxx shuffling backwards into a table which collapsed due to his heavy frame. When Dylan turned around there were four more Inaurians standing there, ready for a fight. Tyler didn't see it coming. A fist met his cheek knocking him off his feet. Dylan charged the Inaurian that hit Tyler.

Dylan dove into the Inaurian, tackling him. A couple of patrons broke their fall, which caused them to get into the fight. Another Inuarian pulled Dylan up and threw him across the room. A bottle flew in Rowe's direction. She ducked, the bottle arcing over her head and it smashed against the wall. Rowe slammed the rest of her beer and picked up a chair. Rowe ran up to the man that heaved Dylan and swung the chair straight into his chest.

Noxx came to wanting to get in the fight. Melody grabbed a full bottle off a nearby table. She cracked it against the base of Noxx's skull, knocking him out once again. Melody enjoyed that. She looked around and saw two Inaurians giving Dylan quite a thrashing. Melody ran jumped up onto a table, launching her self into the men that were on Dylan. The mass of bodies fell like bowing pins.

“Isn't this fun,” Melody asked.

“I'm having a blast, darlin'.” Dylan grabbed Melody and shielded her from the table that flew above them and crashed on the two men just a few feet away.

People started to evacuate the bar. Some stayed and joined the fight which was growing into a full blown riot by the minute. Tyler and Rowe had their hands full but managed to meet up in the middle of the chaos.

“Didn't you or Dylan bring a phaser?” Rowe caught a breath.

“Didn't think we'd need em.” Tyler ducked as a glass flew by his face. “See ya later!”

As Symphony was running for cover, a man grabbed her by the waist.

“Come here, baby!” He took Symphony and heaved her across his shoulder. “Let's get outa here!”

Rowe pushed some one off her and caught the man carrying Symphony toward the door. Dodging flying bottles, glasses and fists she managed to run front of the man with Symphony. The man stopped and smiled and grabbed Rowe's wrist with his free hand.

“I like blondes,” he said. “You can come too!”

“Go to hell!” Rowe planted one foot firmly and with other kicked the man right where it hurt the most.

He dropped Symphony as he fell to his knees holding groin. Rowe then planted her knee into the man's face and he fell backwards rolling over onto his side. Symphony gave him a powerful kick to the gut.
Tyler saw Dylan fly past him and slam into a wall. Tyler helped Dylan up only to catch a fist in his face. Dylan took out the guy that hit Tyler with a couple punches.

Noxx was up again enjoying the carnage going on all around him. Noxx was looking for his girls, but it was difficult in the fighting. As Noxx walked through the rapidly deteriorating situation, he pushed a couple of women out of his way.

Noxx was choosing targets that were smaller than him while avoiding people that would pose a challenge. Melody grabbed a glass off a table, slamming down its contents. She observed Noxx making his way around the bar, preying on people that were much weaker than him. She ran towards Noxx.

Melody hit Noxx square in the back sending him though a decorative divider and finally crashing into a neon sign. Melody's momentum caused her to fall on top of Noxx. He was dazed and bleeding. Melody had hoped he was in pain. Melody reached inside Noxx's fur coat bringing out a large pouch. She took a load of currency out tossing the pouch aside. Melody wasn't stealing from Noxx, although that wouldn't have bothered her. Melody merely took money that Noxx had owed the girls for past jobs that he had been keeping from them.

The security klaxons had been sounding for a while, but in the noise no one could hear them. Somehow Tyler, Rowe and Dylan met up. Melody and the Orions managed to find Dylan. Dylan was amazed that with all the green skin showing none of the girls had so much as a scratch on them. The bar was completely wrecked. Tables and chairs were smashed. Broken glass littered the floor.

“Security is on their way,” Dylan huffed between breaths. “You ladies better get out of here before they arrive.”

“He's probably right,” offered Rhapsody.

Melody started to leave then turned and pulled Dylan to her, kissing him hard on the mouth. Under better circumstances, Dylan would have enjoyed it, but right know he didn't have time. Dylan had to use a little force to push Melody off him.

“Thank you.” She smiled.

Rhapsody and Symphony kissed each Tyler on the cheek. It made Tyler's evening. Symphony turned to Rowe, extending her hand.

“Perhaps we better just shake hands?”

“Aw, what the hell.” Rowe gave Symphony a quick hug. “Dylan over there, the window.”

“Got it,” Dlyan took Melody's hand and quickly lead the Orions to the window.

Dylan picked up a metal chair and heaved it into the window smashing it open. The window was high, but Noxx's big frame was slumped over beneath it, and made a perfect stool. In a last moment of revenge, perhaps even humiliation. Melody, Rhapsody and Symphony stepped up onto Noxx, through the window, and escaped into the night.

When Dylan turned around, the room was full of red shirted Star base security that were arresting people and breaking up a few minor fights that were still going on. A couple patrons pointed out Dylan to the security team. A few security officers approached Dylan, Rowe and Tyler.

“Come with us,” one of the team commanded.

Dylan, Tyler and Rowe were held in a security room and questioned for around fifteen minutes before they were transferred to the base medical wing to have their injuries taken care of. Tyler and Rowe only sustained minor cuts and bruises. Dylan took most of the damage and he was feeling it. Dylan was feeling pain almost every where. A nurse entered the medical bay where Dylan was waiting on one of several bio beds. The nurse picked up a hypo spray and injected Dylan.

“This will help with the pain.” The nurse injected Dylan. “The doctor will be with you shortly.”

After a minute the pain was slowly lifting. It didn't do a lot for his throbbing head. The doctor came in with a medical scanner and tricorder. Dylan was amused that the doctor was very attractive. She had shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes and a great looking body. Her blue mini skirt showed off Dr. West’s toned and gracefully curvy legs. Dylan guessed that she was between thirty and thirty three years old. Dylan started to focus on her attractive features instead of his spinning head. The doctor began scanning Dylan.

“Lieutenant Dylan, I'm Doctor Veronica West,” She continued her scans. “It’s nice to meet you. So you’re the one responsible for making me work late tonight.”

“You’re a right sexy little number, aren’t you,” replied Dylan.

“Well thank you for that, sugah, but I am detecting high levels of Orion pheromones which are making you a little, shall we say “frisky”. How many of those girls were you hanging around with tonight? I can give you something to counter act the effects, but it will take a while for it to wear off. How about telling me what happened.”

“A guy was harassing some Orion women,” replied Dylan. “I swooped in and defended their honor.”

“And this led to a fight no doubt. It's good to know chivalry still exists.”

Dylan noticed Dr. West's accent, it was southern but he couldn't quite tell from where. He thought it was nice. Although the pain was gradually fading, Dylan suddenly felt sick and like he might pass out.

“I'm a little dizzy, doctor,” said Dylan.

“That's because you have a little concussion. I need you to lie down,” replied Dr. West as she helped Dylan turn and held his neck while easing him down.

“Lay back slowly. I got ya, darlin',” said Doctor West. “That's it, nice and easy.”

Dr. West looked at the monitor above the bed checking Dylan's vitals. She prepped another hypo spray, injecting Dylan with it.

“This will help reduce the swelling in your brain. All right, sugah, let's get the rest of you checked out.”

Dr. West found mostly cuts and bruises on Dylan weren’t that bad. His left hand was swollen and the scans indicated that Dylan had broken a couple fingers and his wrist in the fight. Dr. West went to work on healing those.

In the reception area, Tyler and Rowe waited patiently on their friend. They were wondering what kind of discipline they would get for their little stunt.

Tyler thought they’d all get a couple days in the brig or Pike would make them clean every lavatory on the Enterprise for a month. Tyler thought what ever Pike would throw at them would be okay with him. He felt good knowing he helped the Orions get away from their abusive and horrid boss, Noxx.

“We're probably going to spend a couple nights in the brig,” said Rowe.

“Perhaps, but this is the most fun I have had in long time. It won’t be that bad,” replied Tyler.

Dr. West finished patching up Dylan. He had a few bandages and a wrap on his wrist. Dylan was beginning to feel better but the Orion pheromones were hanging in his system. Dr. West did some final checks on Dylan and gave him the all clear.

“You're good to go, Lieutenant,” said Dr. West. “Keep that wrist wrapped up and come back and see me in a couple days, so I can check that everything is okay.”

“Can Dr. Boyce do that?” asked Dylan.

“Phil Boyce? Dr. Boyce is a fine physician, but I like to finish what I start. I'll let him know I'd like to see you. All right, go get some rest.”

Dylan nodded. Dr. West smiled and left. Dylan caught up with Rowe and Tyler outside the base in a well lit court yard. As the three friends were talking, Dylan noticed some rustling in the trees and bushes nearby. Dylan shrugged it off.

“Pssst!” said a voice from the foliage. Dylan looked in that direction. “Hey you, Earth man. Come over here.”

Dylan walked over to the area where he heard the voices. But he could not find who was calling him. The meds, the injuries and the pheromones all were clouding Dylan’s mind. He then felt something smack him in the fore head. The object fell to the ground. It was a sandal very much like the kind the Orion women wore. One by one the Orion women stepped out from behind their cover. The night and the green skin of the Orions made them difficult to see, Dylan thought it was funny.

“Well, hello again, ladies,” said Dylan. “I didn’t see you there in the bushes.”

“Yeah, we kind of blend in don’t we?” said Rhapsody.

Melody picked up her sandal steadying herself against Dylan as she slipped it back on.

“What are you doing here?” Rick asked.

“We're trying to stay away from Noxx,” replied Melody.

“Good idea. I'd also suggest a new line of work.”

“The work is not that bad, it's who we used to work for that is the problem. Anyway, we wanted to thank you for what you did for us tonight. We appreciate it,” said Symphony.

“It's okay, I am glad that you weren't hurt.”

“Listen, earth man, we'd like to give you a free one for helping us,” said Rhapsody.

“My name is Rick. A free what?”

Melody pulled Dylan close to her and whispered into his ear, a variety of erotic and sexual acts the women were offering him. The Orion pheromones were back in full force and Dylan had a hard time resisting what Melody was suggesting. Dylan had to gently push Melody away from him. The meds that Dr. West gave Dylan helped counter act the effects, but the Orion pheromones were very strong.

“That sounds like a wonderful time,” said Dylan. “I appreciate the very generous offer, but I can't. I want to but I can't.'

“Is it because we are green?” asked Rhapsody.

“Not at all. No, it's nothing like that. I think you are all very attractive, but I just came from seeing a doctor who instructed me to get some rest. I also might be in just a little trouble with my Captain.”

“Very well. Perhaps when you are rested then?”

“We'll see.”

Melody smiled and winked at Dylan. “See ya around, Rick.”

Symphony blew Dylan a kiss. Rhapsody ran her hand up Dylan's back across his shoulder and down his arm.

“Bye bye,” Rhapsody said.

Dylan watched the three exotic and sexy alien women leave. Rowe and Tyler approached Dylan.

“What did they want,” asked Rowe.

“You don't want to know,” replied Dylan with a grin.

“I do,” added Tyler.

Lt. Dylan's communicator beeped. Dylan flipped it open. “Dylan here.”

“Dylan, Pike. You, Tyler and Rowe get your butts up here on the double,” replied Pike who did not seem happy at all and understandably so. “And that means five minutes ago.”

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