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Lieutenant Merrick Dylan enjoyed his job. His office was the bridge of the U.S.S Enterprise, his desk the helm console. Lt. Dylan was an excellent pilot and officer. Dylan had earned Captain Pike's respect during the years they served together. The navigator, Jose Tyler also appreciated Dylan's skills and together they made a very good team which Pike was happy to have on board.

The Enterprise was in orbit above Star Base 4. She had just completed a harrowing mission that was stressful on the entire crew. After nearly two months almost non stop work and some very close calls, Captain Pike rewarded the crew with shore leave on the surface, while the Enterprise was getting some repairs done by the engineering staff and Star Base crew.

Lt. Dylan was relaxing at a bar with Jose Tyler and warrant officer Gina Rowe. Captain Pike knew the crew would engage in some drinking along with many other activities offered at the base, but trusted his crew to be responsible. Tyler, Rowe and Dylan were enjoying some chicken wings, onion rings and their favorite spirits.

Jose Tyler raised his glass high, “Ladies and gentlemen a toast to the Enterprise, a damn fine ship.”

“To the Enterprise!” all three said in unison.

“To Captain Pike, a damn fine starship Captain,” said Rowe.

“To Captain Pike,” All three said together.

“Your turn, Rick,” said Rowe.

“Okay, let me think,” replied Dylan as he once again lifted his glass. “To... Mister Spock. “A damn fine Vulcan!

“To Mister Spock,” all three said. “Live long and prosper!”

The officers laughed and enjoyed their food and drinks. The bar was moderately full of base personnel, Enterprise crew and civilians. An over weight balding man was sitting in a corner booth. He had a high forehead, a large bulbous nose, and big thick bushy eyebrows giving him a rather troll like appearance.

He wore a large fur coat that made him look like a Canadian trapper and a very fat muskrat. The large odd looking man was an Inaurian, and had a talent for illegal activities. He was familiar with Star Base personnel, but knew the three officers he was monitoring were transients by the arrowhead patches they wore.

“Hello suckers.” He got up and went over to the visitors from the Enterprise.

“Greetings,” boomed the round furry coated man. “Officers, may I join you?”

Before anyone could respond, the man sat down anyway. The man snapped his fingers. A very sexy green skinned Orion woman approached. Tyler and Dylan noticed three Orion women when they first came in.

They were hard not to notice. The women were all very beautiful and exotic. The women were dressed in typical Orion fashion, which was almost nothing. A bikini top which barely covered their ample chest, a short skirt that looked more like a metallic mesh net that allowed a nice view of their long legs and strappy gladiator style sandals. The woman stopped at the table, smiling at the trio from the Enterprise but giving the large man a look of disdain.

“What do you want,” asked the green exotic woman.

“I want to buy our friends a round,” replied the troll like man. “What are you all drinking?”

“Thank you, Mister…,” asked Tyler.

“Noxx, you can call me Noxx.”

“All right,” Tyler continued. “A beer for Gina here, a Romulan ale for me and a mojito for Rick.”

“Very good,” replied Noxx. “What are standing there for? Drinks! Now, woman!”

“Shut up,” replied the woman as she walked away.

Dylan, Tyler and Rowe felt a little awkward with how Noxx treated the Orion. Noxx looked slightly embarrassed by the Orion's defiance, but Orions were like that. Noxx erased his frustration and showed a big smile.

“Tell me, friends,” Noxx said. “What brings you here this evening?”

“Well, we are on shore leave while we are having our ship repaired.” Tyler finished his drink and looked forward to the next one.

“Shore leave you say? Very interesting indeed”

The Orion woman returned with a tray of drinks. She began serving them as if she were a waitress that worked in the bar.

“A beer for you, lovely lady,” The Orion woman passed out the drinks. “A Romulan ale for the handsome gentleman and for you, dream boat, your mo-jee-toh. And finally for you, Noxx, a tall glass of absolutely nothing.”

Noxx scowled at the Orion and motioned for the other two green women to come over. The other two women slowly walked over to Noxx. As if in well rehearsed drill team, the woman that served the drinks stood next to Dylan, another next to Tyler and the last one next to Rowe. There was a strange dynamic the women displayed toward Noxx. One minute they were submissive and the next they were openly defiant towards him. The women were polite to the Enterprise officers, but seemed to have contempt for Noxx.

“Lady and gentleman,” said Noxx. “May I present Orion's Angels. For a very reasonable sum, these exotic specimens will show you a night you will never forget. They are highly skilled at meeting your every desire and will wait on you hand and foot. You will not find a more excellent trio of experts at meeting your every pleasure in the galaxy. Introduce yourself to our new friends, girls.”

“I'm Melody.” Melody leaned over sliding her arms around Dylan.

“I'm Rhapsody,” Rhapsody slid herself into Tyler's lap and began teasing his hair with her fingers.

“I'm Symphony.” Symphony knelt slipping an arm around Rowe's shoulder.

“I'm leaving.” Rowe gently stepped away from Symphony.

“Excuse me, Miss,” Noxx reached in a pocket and produced a small leather bound book. “If these specimens are not to your liking, I can find a suitable man for you or what ever may meet your preference.”

“Listen, Noxx. I have no problem with our Orion friends here. I am sure they are fine upstanding, hardworking girls, even though I don’t condone their line of work. What I object to is the dumpy, fat chunk of filth wrapped sleaze ball across the table that employs them. Tyler, give me your phaser.”

“Yeah,” said Symphony who gave motioned for a high five with Rowe. Rowe reciprocated.

“Shoot the rotten scumbag,” added Melody.

“I left my phaser on the ship. Sorry,” Tyler said.

Noxx was more embarrassed by the solidarity between the Orions than Rowe's insults and threats. He really didn't care what Rowe said to him, he was interested in making some money tonight and would stop at nothing to reach that goal.

“I'll be at the bar, if anyone would care to join me,” said Rowe.

Rowe turned to leave, but grabbed the plates of chicken and onion rings leaving the men with the green women and their drinks. Symphony was not bothered by Rowe's departure. Symphony turned her attention to Tyler, putting hand on his neck and gently rubbing it. Rhapsody put her hand on Tyler's thigh.

“Oh boy,” sighed Tyler. “Symphony, would you please stop rubbing my thigh?”

“I'm Rhapsody, that's Symphony.” Rhapsody didn't understand why Tyler couldn't tell the women apart.

“Does it really matter?”

The Orion women had the same slinky sexy out fits, as minimal as those were, only in different colors. The only other differentiating feature was their hair. Melody had long hair, Rhapsody's hair was shoulder length and Symphony's hair was the shortest of all of them. Dylan gently pushed Melody away as he stood up.

“Noxx, thank you for the drinks, but I think it is time that you leave,” said Dylan.

“Listen to the man and beat it,” added Rhapsody.

Noxx became nervous. He was going to close the deal if it took all night and ran into the middle of next week.

“Gentlemen, just hear me out,” Noxx said not wanting to let his potential clients get away. “I do offer a military discount you know.”

“We have already said no, that's it.” Dylan grew frustrated with Noxx's hard sell.

“Fair enough, I don't do this for just anybody, you understand. I am willing to let you have twice the time for half the price. You can't get a better deal than that in the entire sector, I am telling you. Come on, how does that sound, huh? Huh? Come on, work with me. You gotta give me something here.”

“Give him a kick in the ass,” said Melody.

Noxx was of course lying. His strategy was to have the Orion women seduce his potential clients to get them to their guard down, have them engage in an evening of wild sexual pleasure and then when it was over mark up the original quoted price by two hundred percent. The pheromones that the Orion women gave off helped considerably in manipulating the men into forgetting about the original low price.

Noxx usually avoided seasoned officers. His targets were usually other traders, private charter pilots, corrupt politicians and young Starfleet officers just in after a long deep space journey. It was an easy game, and earth men were particularly vulnerable to the effects of the Orion women.

“Mr. Noxx, you are trying my patience,” Dylan said. “Now, back the hell off, before I ruin your night. Ladies have a pleasant evening. Let's go, Tyler.”

Dylan and Tyler turned to leave. Noxx grabbed Melody by the arm. The next thing they heard was Noxx shouting so loud the entire bar could hear it. Rowe turned to see what was going on, so did the rest of the bar. All eyes were trained on the drama unfolding in the middle of the bar.

“You worthless piece of Orion gutter trash,” Noxx shouted. “How the hell could you let clients get away? You cost me a lot of money tonight! You stupid little green bi--”

“Owww,” said Melody. “Let go of me!”

“Noxx,” Dylan shouted. “Let her go. She has done nothing wrong. You’re the one being a first class jerk.”

Noxx squeezed Melody's arm tighter. “Stop it! You're hurting me!”

Noxx held onto Melody a minute longer, his big hand tightening like a vice on Melody's wrist. Noxx released Melody. As she stepped away, Noxx gave Melody a hefty shove, sending her to the floor. Tyler went to Melody, helping her to her feet. Noxx turned to find Dylan stepping aggressively toward him.

“I have had about enough of this,” said Dylan.

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