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Chapter Notes: They Don't Make Them Like They Use To...by BorgDominant
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Chapter 6
They Don't Make Them Like They Use To
By BorgDominant

G'nahC looked at the tactical display and shook his head. The Fatal Stab had overtaken them and arrived on the scene only to fall prey to a gravitic mine. G'nahC was for once thankful he had taken command of an older D-7C series ship; the old girl couldn't power all her weapons, and had the most inefficient shield power grid the Empire had ever devised. But her engines were highly efficient and easily able to maneuver in the gravitational disturbances. Whereas the Fatal Stab and the War Song were both newer models M series with more power but sluggish engines.

"Status report!" he demanded.

"The Fatal Stab is stuck inside the mine field," reported the officer at the tactical station. "But Captain B'hulack signaled the War Song in time to avoid them both becoming mired. We are suffering a power drain, but we can maneuver. We have enough reserve power to get a few shots off, they will only be effective at extreme close range."

"Plot me a firing solution and get me Captain B'hulack!"

A few moments later the main view screen flickered to life and the grizzled old warriors face glared back at him.

"Captain G'nahC," he said with a curt nod. "You have managed to bungle this one haven't you B'hulack?"

"We will have weapons in another hour or two, what are your orders?"

"Get me your first officer!"

B'hulack looked shocked for a moment then grumbled and stepped away from the viewer, the dour face of the Fatal Stabs first officer stared back at G'nahC blankly.

"Congratulations on your new command Captain Hrullgin, your first order is to send your former commander to Sto'Vo'Kor with honor. You will not fail me as he has."

G'nahC made a chopping motion across his throat and his comms officer killed the link just before Hrullgins blade came down deeply into B'hulacks shoulders. He died with honor and made no sound save for his massive frame toppling into the deck plates.

"Hail the Federation ship."

The comms officer opened the channel and G'nahC stared into his opponents face for the first time, this human had a confidence and swagger. A Vulcan officer could be seen in the back ground peering into a console, and several other humans as well.

"Greetings, I am Captain G'nahC son of G'Khan. I am the commander of this battle group, and I demand an explanation of your presence in this sector."


Kirk smirked and met his eye; G'nahC inwardly approved at the total lack of fear in the man's eye, but this was the James T. Kirk.

"This is Captain James T. Kirk, of the Federation Star ship Enterprise. We are conducting a rescue operation of this trade ship, if you will disable your minefield we can proceed and be on our way."

"Captain Kirk. Your reputation precedes you, and I have heard of you." He then bared his teeth to make Kirk doubly aware that reputation or not, he was an enemy of the Klingon Empire. "Though I must decline your request however; we are in the middle of a military operation. I will need to respond appropriately due to the fact that you are more than likely spying on our operations."

Kirk seemed to ponder this for a moment before responding. "We only want to protect our citizens from harm. Our presence is entirely peaceful and we have no interest on spying upon you."

"I am not in a position to confirm or deny your claim Captain; I am here to police the border of the annex zone. I am bound by honor to uphold my duty to the empire, you are in violation of Klingon territory and you and your ship must be destroyed."

G'nahC thought that Kirk looked a little taken aback, but before he could respond G'nahC signalled to his tactical officer to terminate the comm link. The moment the comm link was ended, G'nahC gave his tactical officer some new orders. "Tactical, plot a attack course on the Enterprise and ready the weapons. It's time we sent these Starfleet petaQs to Gre'thor!"

The tactical officer nodded once, and then began tapping his console, the helm officer laid in a new course and the ship made its first strafing run on the Enterprise.

The older model D-7 weapons lanced out and blasted across the saucer in a tangent like volley. While the second volley of the attack run laid three disruptor blasts across the starboard nacelle.

The War Song sent its own attack from the edge of the mine field, at extreme range they had little accuracy and the power was dropping off. Only one of the six discharges landed on the Enterprise, and at that range the shields absorbed them easily.


Kirk had taken his seat and was staring at the main view screen, he was pondering the situation and had decided that the best course was to divert what power they had to the shields and play defensively for the moment.

"I need those engines now Mr. Scott! Sulu! Maneuvering thrusters; get their weapons spread out across more shield facings."

"They have damaged the star board nacelle and there is minor hull damage, our shields are holding," reported Spock.


G'nahC looked up at the main viewer and watched as the helmsman expertly avoided the edge of the minefield. They were free of the gravitational disturbances but were beyond effective firing range, but his tactical officer fired on the Enterprise anyway.

"Bring us about, prepare a tractor beam and grapple the Draco. Let the mines finish it off, drag it into the nearest one."

The Furious Charge surged back into the minefield and grappled the Draco, moments later the extreme power drain caused a few conduits to rupture sending sparks arcing across the deck plating. G'nahC smiled as a mine detonated on the Draco's hull; orange flames bloomed and died as the ship took massive damage.

"Bring us around to 248 mark 335, full impulse power. Release tractor on my mark, and change course to 44 mark 250," G'nahC commanded.

G'nahC smiled as he raised his hand and chopped it down. "Release the Draco!"

The crew performed the maneuver perfectly and sent the hulk of the Draco tumbling toward the Enterprise, it was clear they couldn't move. It was also clear the Furious Charge couldn't damage the Enterprise significantly; the Draco however could make a much more effective weapon than a target.

G'nahC settled himself in his seat and watched as the hulk spun toward the Enterprise, while disruptor fire from the War Song spat at it as they moved away to the edge of the minefield.

"Excellent work my brothers, you have served-" his words were cut off as the ship suddenly lurched and a roar rippled through the deck plating.

"We have struck a mine Captain," reported the tactical officer, "and we have massive damage to the engineering section and the port nacelle!"

"Signal the War Song, get them to tractor us the rest of the way out. Continue bombarding the Enterprise. Let me know when that hulk has struck them."

G'nahC looked around at his bridge crew and noted that one of the stand-by officers was lying on the deck, his skull was split open by a overhanging strut that penetrated straight through the officer's head. G'nahC shook his head; he always had felt that this ship was of a poor design.



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