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Chapter Notes: The Innocent Blood...by Robert Scorpio
Story editing by Ln X


Chapter 4
The Innocent Blood
By Robert Scorpio



They ran and ran through the secret caves that had, thousands of years earlier, led to the certain death of the traditional sacrificial caves. As they ran the sounds of explosions and death coming above could not be fully escaped from.

All four of them had escaped the slaughter, which had been unleashed by the violent strangers from the sky. Now, running out of breath, all four stopped running simultaneously, leaning up against the walls of the caves for a much needed rest. One of them held a torch which had barely lit the way, and was dimming due to the lack of oxygen, as the caves went deeper.

"My husband, he who is my Buk'amah(Chief); we should have stayed and fought with our people, instead of using their deaths to flee," Kulnay said, as she held a young child in her arms.

"No, my wife, my equal," Buk'amah O'mat said, his voice noble and strong. "They are laying down their lives; such is the role of our people. If we had stayed, our fate would have been the same and our throats slit. Even Lymet, our daughter, would have been killed. These strangers, with their heads riddled with grotesque ridges, do not know of the word mercy."

O'mat reached out and softly stroked the cheeks of his little daughter, Lymet, as she smiled up at him. Although she was only two years old, Lymet felt safe knowing that as long as her father was close by, she was safe.

"Why must they do this to our world father? Why is it they must attack our world and kill our people?" asked Thamal.

Thamal was also a child of Kulnay (his mother) and O'mat (his father), and just as much as Lymet was loved by her parents, so was Thamal who was also well-loved. But unlike his young sister, Thamal was nearly an adult. "Why is it they must take in force anything which we would have given them peacefully, if it would have made them leave?"

His father, O'mat, was about to answer when another voice spoke instead.

"I will tell you why, my young nephew," a fourth voice suddenly said from the hidden darkness of the cave, stepping into the light as he spoke. His name was Pavant. "These ruthless beings, called Klingons, do not want our possessions, they want our entire world and to enslave us. They see our world, Mehjah'Loh, as theirs. And while we try to fight back with sticks and rocks, they stand behind their magical weapons and slaughter us. In order for the people of Mehjah'Loh to survive, we must evolve and become more powerful; more like them, more ruthless."

"That is not our way," O'mat said, quietly.

Pavant was Buk'amah O'mat's younger brother and heir to the leadership of their people. They had always held different visions of their world's future.

"Wise Uncle," Thamal said to Pavant, "how is it you know so much of these strangers?"

O'mat already knew the answer, having known his ruthless brother all of his life.

"You brought them here, didn't you?" O'mat demanded.

Pavant smiled at his older sibling.

"I could never lie to you; brother," Pavant said, with a casual chuckle. "So, bringing these barbarians here was the only way I could find that would get you out of your safe chambers; and down here to the sacred caves; and, as you can see, it has worked."

"What do you plan to do to us?" Kulnay demanded, as she shielded her child tighter to her chest.

Pavant shifted his gaze to the little child Lymet, buried in her mother's bosom.

Lymet, in turn, looked up with her innocent eyes.

"Leave my child alone," O'mat said, as he reached out and took Kulnay's hand into his and brought her back toward him, and then hugged her and their daughter.

Pavant raised up his left arm, to reveal one of the odd looking weapons that the strangers from the sky had used, holding it tightly in his hand. Before his brother, O'mat, the Buk'amah of the entire world, or nephew, Thamal, could respond, Pavant fired the weapon at the two of them; killing them instantly. Now all that remained was Pavant, his dead brother's wife, Kulnay, and the child; Lymet.

"Hand the child over or she will die as well," Pavant said to Kulnay.

Kulnay held the young girl out to Pavant, who then took the young girl into his arms.

"Kulnay; I've always wanted to know; why did you never tell O'mat that his daughter was really mine?" Pavant asked, as he caressed Lymet's straight auburn hair with his fingers. "I mean; here we stand, on a tragic sunset hanging over our civilization, and my brother, one of the most honored Buk'amahs to have lived, didn't even know the truth about the little girl in my arms."

Kulnay shook her head, bowing her head down to look at the ground, ashamed of her answer as she looked at the corpses of her husband and son. She looked back up at Pavant.

"How could I have told him that I had taken his brother into my bed?" Kulnay asked.

Pavant smiled, and then fired the weapon at Kulnay, instantly killing her.

The child, Lymet, stared silently; she was far too young to comprehend the fact that her uncle had just killed her parents and her brother. With the child in his arms, Pavant walked through the caves and arrived at the ancient sacrificial chamber that had long been abandoned as the believes of the people had changed over time. Another off world visitor was waiting for Pavant.

His name was Vormarl, and unlike the Klingons, Vormarl had a smooth face like that of Pavant and his people; though there was one notable difference; Vormarl had pointed ears.

"You have taken too long," Vormarl said, with a cold sounding tone in his voice.

"The Klingons are far more efficient than you seemed to infer," Pavant said, as he held the little girl, who smiled up at him. "And they are more numerous than you said they would have been."

"Do not be concerned with the Klingons," Vormarl said, as he looked at the child. "Their fleet has been adequately preoccupied. Now," Vormarl said to Pavant, "I have scoured nearly four hundred worlds, and their ancient myths. According to the ancient texts of your world, sacrificing a child the age such as this one will unleash ultimate power that would be controlled by any sentient being that wore this amulet."

Vormarl pointed at the amulet that hung from a necklace over his chest.

"As I told you before, Vormarl," Pavant said back, "that is an ancient belief and long since discarded by my people."

"I would like to see proof of that," Vormarl said, with his cold voice. "Now, use those," he said, pointing at an assortment of ceremonial daggers. "And carry out your part of the bargain and take the life of your daughter. And once the power is released from these caves, and is at my bidding, my forces will drive the Klingons from this backward planet, leaving you as the new Buk'amah of your world."

Pavant placed the girl, his daughter, on the ceremonial blanket that was spread across the smooth flat rock face of the offering table. Once all seven daggers were used, the child's lifeless body would be dropped into the raging pit of fire just feet from where he stood.

"Do not stall any longer," warned Vormarl, "the Klingons will eventually find these caves and find their way here. If that happens, I will flee, and leave you to their Bat'leths; and you will die; hacked into pieces."

Pavant looked at Vormarl, and then back down at the child who was surprisingly still; looking up at her true father with a look of total trust. Pavant picked up the first of seven daggers, and placed it inches above the unsuspecting child's heart.

Above the sacrificial cave, on the surface of Mehjah'Loh, the Klingons continued to pillage the villages, showing no mercy, and killing men, women and children just because it was their way. As the Klingons hacked the villagers with their Bat'leths, the additional screams of a young girl in the caves, far below, were drowned out.


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