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Chapter Notes: When Opportunity Knocks...by BorgDominant
Story editing by Ln X


Chapter 2
When Opportunity Knocks
By BorgDominant

Captain G'nahC sat on the bridge of his ship, the Furious Charge and stroked his
ample beard. He was tall and thick, a properly sculpted warrior. His brow was
covered in thick and heavy plates of bone, bold and prominent ridges. His family
had been spared the indignity of the smoothed brows of the augment genes. His
heritage was pure and free of any tampering, and it was grilled into his family
to never mix with the impure augments.

G'nahC wore his robe proudly and kept his badges of award and office in
excellent condition. He maintained himself to a much higher standard than most
Klingons, also part of his families determination to keep itself pure. His heavy
baldric was woven with bronze materials and was much darker than most other
families, his familial honorifics sat boldly over his primary heart.

He looked around the bridge noting that the crew was diligently busy with the
regular operations of the ship. He gestured for one of the stand-by bridge
officers to come forward, he took the report held out to him with a grunt of
approval and a nod. He scanned the engineering report and noted that the slave
labour crews were dying less frequently, the chief engineer must have located
that radiation leak.

He made his mark on the report and handed it back, the officer took it away and
returned to his post. There were two other stand-by officers waiting for
approval to present their reports, G'nahC sighed and rolled his eyes. He hated
paper work, unfortunately being a battle group commander required he
administrate more than he was used to. The burden of command had seemed less
tedious when he was the master of only a single warship.

He gestured again and the next report was presented, he scanned it and made his
mark once again. The final report was just as interesting as the other two, and
left him grinding his teeth. He looked onward noting that the annex operation
was proceeding as it should, the fleet was currently bombarding a pre-warp
culture into submission. Hardly the type of action that would be remembered with
pride, but it was conflict and Klingons thrived on conflict.

His left hand wandered down to stroke the head of his favoured Targ, and he
smiled as the animal snapped at the back of his navigator. He nudged a thick
bone to the animal which it snapped in half immediately. He had made it wait
most of the shift before allowing it to take the bone, he grinned and watched as
it used it's tongue to lap out the thick marrow inside. He caught a slight
change in the light level and looked over to see his comm officer miss a
blinking light on his console. G'nahC counted silently to eight in his head
before the officer saw the light and tapped on his controls to interpret the

“Captain, we have intercepted a sub-space radio transmission. It appears to be a
Federation freighter vessel, and it is inside our annex zone. They report heavy
damage and are requesting aid!”

“Contact the Fatal Stab, and the War Song. Lay in an intercept course, maximum
warp. We will toast their deaths at dinner this night!” G'nahC slapped his thigh
and laughed, it had been too long since his ship had any kind of target in front
of her. He felt as if he was neglecting a lover, after all a war ship needs to
be at war to prove her mettle and valour.

“Aye sir,” said the comms officer. “Furious Charge to Fatal Stab and War Song.
Orders from Captain G'nahC!”

The comms officer relayed the orders while the navigator set the course and the
Furious Charge leaped ahead of the other two vessels.

Captain G'nahC reclined in his chair and watched the main screen, the target had
been placed on the map as was the relative positions of his ships. They were
closing in quickly and would soon fall upon their prey. The captain opened a
small compartment on the side of his command chair and withdrew a small skin
bound book from inside. He ran his fingers over the inlaid script on the cover,
and fingered his way into his favourite passage inside.

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and
some have greatness thrust upon them,” he announced loudly with a hearty laugh.
“Estimated time to intercept?”

“Ten minutes captain.”

“Good, and how long till the Stab and the Song arrive after us?”

“Three and five minutes sir,” his navigator replied.

“Excellent, pull up the coordinates of the mine field in that sector. I want to
know what their escape options are.”

The navigator pulled the information from the computer and overlaid it on the
main screen after adjusting the scale. Shortly afterwards many orange dots
appeared and a blinking yellow targeting icon sat at the edge of them. Captain
G'nahC studied the layout for a few minutes, and ordered their course altered so
the Federation ship could only flee them by going deeper into the mine field.

Several minutes later another yellow targeting icon appeared, and the captain
sat up gazing intently on this new feature.

“Report!” he demanded.

“Another ship sir, Federation warship by the energy readings.”

“Reduce speed by 20%, let the warship be trapped in the minefield with the
freighter when we strike. This will be a glorious day my brothers. Comms! Send
the signal to the marines, they may yet get their blades wet this day!”

G'nahC set his book on his lap and drummed his fingers over the cover. The gold
leaf imprint boldly proclaiming the title 'Twelfth Night', was faded and only
the imprint sat under his fingers remained unmarred. He looked down at his
chair's arm and punched up his ship's status, he smiled as he noted that the
crew were all responding correctly to battle protocols. All weapons were charged
and ready to fire, the torpedoes were loaded and he imagined them quivering in
their launchers.

His marines were waiting at the transporter stations, fully prepared for a
boarding action. The Fatal Stab was coming closer to them since he had ordered
his ship's speed to be reduced, but the Furious Charge would still be within
attack range sooner than they would. The War Song was catching up but would
likely only watch the final moments of the engagement.

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