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Chapter Notes: Flight or Flight....By Ln X


Chapter 14
Fight and Flight
by...Ln X

Author's note: pyschonic is my own made up word.

Elizabeth watched as the possessed Pavant continued to chant, she felt very uneasy by what was going on and she was deeply concerned for the people of Mehjah'Loh. They seemed enraptured and entranced by Pavant, and Elizabeth wondered what on earth Pavant was doing.

However she didn't have to wait long because high above the sky opened up a vortex, with a centre which was black, while the edges swirled around with bright white and red colours.

"Would you look at that," said Briggs sounding virtually entranced.

Elizabeth continued to look at the vortex and she felt an unusual sensation that seemed to urge her to go inside the strange feature high above in the sky. But she instantly quashed that urge when she saw the people of Mehjah'Loh's very life force drift upwards and into the vortex.

Streams of green and orangey energy poured out of the people and slowly ascended to enter inside the vortex. The moment the energy reached the vortex did the vortex expand gradually in size. Elizabeth looked back at the people and was shocked to see them grow transparent, she turned around and saw the same thing had happened to Briggs.

This was not right, somehow the people of Mehjah'Loh and Briggs were powering this vortex. She glanced at Pavant who was no longer chanting, indeed the weird coiled mark had disappeared and an energy being drifted out of Pavant. Wondering what it was, she very carefully sensed the surrounding area with her mind, trying to latch onto the consciousness of this energy being.

In this realm doing such an invasive thing was deeply prohibited, but she had no choice, the people around her where somehow dying and she had to know why.

For a brief moment her mind made contact with the energy being, and in that moment she realized what it was and what it's intentions were. This energy being was a coil of spirits, the very thing the people of Mehjah'Loh feared, and Elizabeth finally understood what this coil of spirits was doing. It was using the people's pyschonic energy to generate a rift to enter into the realm of the Guardians.

Elizabeth had only seen a Guardian once, and these beings occasionally visited the pyschonic realm to watch over it. Almost at once she knew she had to hide, but where? She thought about her primary construction, the house on Earth that she once lived in with her husband. The moment she thought about it did she sense two visitors residing inside her primary construct, one of them was a coil of spirits and the other was…

She suddenly froze. It was her husband, he had somehow arrived in the pyschonic realm, and right now he was in grave danger. Immediately she transferred herself away from the Mehjah'Loh construct and to her primary construct, she had to find Robert at all costs…

Craddock walked down the dirt track, away from his home, the alien Elizabeth had given him a lot to think about. Though she had a convincing argument that the coil of spirits had no quarrel with humanoids, somehow Craddock couldn't quite trust her. It was like she had said the exactly right things to say to him.

He continued to walk on and into the woodlands surrounding his home. Looking around he couldn't help but admire the beauty of this area. Suddenly he stopped walking and came out of a relaxed reverie when he heard a disturbance to his left behind a clump of tall bushes.

A person appeared and walked around the side of the bushes, and to Craddock's surprise it was Elizabeth.

"Robert is that you?" she asked, staring at him as if she couldn't believe her eyes.

"You again," said Craddock wearily, "what do you want?"

"We've met before?" said Elizabeth, looking puzzled.

"I've had visions of you twice before," explained Craddock, "each time an alien possessed your body or masqueraded as you, I'm not sure."

Elizabeth came closer to him, and she looked at him with urgent eyes. "Listen Rob it is me Elizabeth, this place we are in, this is the pyschonic realm, it's where we go when we die..." She then cocked her head a little to the side and eyed him up from head to toe. "But I didn't expect you to arrive here so soon."

"I'm not dead," said Craddock, "I somehow arrived here, possibly because of the figurine." He paused, and the more he looked at Elizabeth the more he sensed that she was anxious of something, but what it was he couldn't be sure. He ignored that and decided to ask a more pressing question. "But if you're dead how come you are here on Earth so close to our old home?"

"It is a construction," explained Elizabeth, "the place which I prefer to dwell the most, your parents sometimes arrive here."

Craddock was stunned to hear this. "My parents, are they are in this construct right now?"

"I'm afraid now is not the time to be conversing with your parents-"

Suddenly the ground shook and Elizabeth was looking around, until she rested her gaze on some point in the blue sky, revealed by a small clearing. There was terror all over her face.

Craddock followed her gaze upwards and he saw a vortex swirling in the greatest most reaches of the sky. This vortex looked distant, but there was something very menacing about it. He could just make out red and white streams of energy swirling around the vortex.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Elizabeth. "They reached this place as well!"

"What is that?" said Craddock.

Elizabeth ceased looking at it and faced Craddock. "It's some sort of vortex, generated by the coil of spirits, and it gets it's energy from the people of this realm! The people of Mehjah'Loh are steadily being absorbed into it, and so will we soon..."

Anger flared up inside Craddock, the alien had lied to him about not harming humanoids. "Of course!" he breathed. "She lied to me!"

"Who did?"

Craddock forced himself to look at his wife, and for some reason he could just tell that this was his wife, it was as if he intimately knew every part of her. "The alien who masqueraded as you, I think she was one of the coil of the spirits!"

"You talked to it?" said Elizabeth sounding horrified. "Are you crazy?"

"She seemed warm and understanding enough!" said Craddock, as he sought to explain himself.

The ground shook again, and a powerful gust of wind swept through the trees. Craddock had to brace himself hard against this wind. He looked at Elizabeth, who seemed barely able to stand on her feet, while her long hair was whipping around everywhere.

"She manipulated you and brought you here!" shouted Elizabeth above the sound of the wind. "You have to go back and use the figurine to entrap one of the coil of spirits, and find someone to carry the amulet and to take possession of them!"

"But I don't know how to go back, and I don't want to leave you! Not when your life is in danger, I don't want to lose you for a second time."

"You have to leave me, leave this place," said Elizabeth, who was looking at Craddock with desperation. She walked ungainly over, the wind pushing her from behind and when she reached Craddock she grabbed onto his hand, raising it up to the level of his chest. "Please Rob, the people of Mehjah'Loh and everyone in the pyschonic realm don't stand a chance against the coil of spirits. Promise me you'll try and protect them?"

Seeing his wife plead like that was heart-wrenching for Craddock, and he simply couldn't refuse her request. He took both of Elizabeth's hands and gave them a gentle kiss. "I swear to you and I will try and do whatever I can to protect you and these people."

"Thank you," said Elizabeth, and her eyes gave off such affection and gratitude that it further emboldened Craddock to fulfil his promise.

However Craddock had one major problem. "But how do I get back?" he asked her.

Elizabeth let go of his hands, and smiled slightly, while she glanced over his shoulder to look at something behind Craddock. "I think your companion behind knows how."

Craddock turned around and saw Spock standing close to him. "Spock what are you doing here?"

"I had to mind meld with you to determine what was happening to you," replied Spock, who seemed totally unperturbed by the wind. "I have come to warn you that our shuttle is being approached by a Romulan warbird, and that we must leave now."

"I wish I could leave but I can't..."

"The figurine..." said Elizabeth, "if it brought you to this place then it must surely take you back."

Understanding blossomed in Craddock's mind, for some reason it was easy to find the answer to unknown things. He was beginning to understand the nature of this place, and since he was in this pyschonic realm he could use it's forces to convert his memories into reality. So he thought about the figurine, and when he opened his eyes to his surprise his right hand was holding the figurine.

He was about to use the figurine when he paused, he had to say goodbye to Elizabeth and not just any old goodbye.

"Mr Craddock," said Spock who sounded a tiny bit more urgent. "I suggest you do not delay, we have to leave immediately."

"Just one moment!" said Craddock, "and erm… Spock if you don't mind I need a little privacy."

"I see," replied Spock, with a rather knowing expression in his eyes.

Only when Spock had walked a few paces away and behind a tree, did Craddock feel he had the privacy he required. He once more held onto Elizabeth's hands. "Promise me you will stay safe?"

"I will," said Elizabeth in earnest, "now go!"

"One more thing," added Craddock, he placed his hands on her shoulders and as he did so he kissed her, and she responded almost immediately. But this time it felt right to Craddock, he felt like he was kissing Elizabeth and not just some stranger.

The two broke off and Elizabeth had her eyes closed, savouring the moment. "I haven't kissed you in three years..." she said softly. Her eyes opened and the urgency returned. "Now please leave this place!"

With one last look at his wife, Craddock turned around and strode over to Spock. He found Spock lurking by a tree. "Spock place your hand on the figurine."

Spock raised a questioning eyebrow. "You intend to return us back to the shuttle?"

"Just watch me!"

Inside his mind G'nahC fought against the being that was trying to control him. He could feel it tempting him with power, nay offering to him the very position of Chancellor itself. The being was also giving him instructions and orders, but he ignored these as well. His heart, clinging on to his honour, duty to the empire and his sheer stubbornness, gave him the strength to fight this being.

He would not yield or surrender, this was a test, a test of the Klingon heart's resilience and power. Even so the being strengthened it's assault on his mind, and in those moments of weakness, G'nahC felt himself losing control of his body. His mouth opened and said words which were wrenched out of him. For some reason he was talking to Kirk, who was watching from the viewscreen.

Though perhaps he was imagining things because the image of Kirk soon disappeared. G'nahC was losing control of his mind and just when he was about to succumb did the being suddenly leave him. He stood there, in front of the commander's chair, rooted to the ground but his mind was abuzz with triumph and information.

For he had managed to just briefly probe the being's mind, and discovered that there was at least another being of the same type.

"Captain can you hear me?" said the first officer, giving G'nahC's shoulder a shake.

G'nahC finally jerked out of his trance, and with his fist he knocked the first officer's hand of his shoulder. "Yes I can," he angrily replied, "can't you see that I was possessed?"

"Possessed?" asked the officer, looking at G'nahC as if he lost his sanity. "But why?"

"The being wanted to break my word with Kirk, but it underestimated the heart of a Klingon warrior, as I resisted against it's attempts to control me!"

"Do we continue to assist the Enterprise in tracking down the Romulans?"

"We do!" replied G'nahC vehemently. "I was fortunate enough to discover that there was another one of these beings, possessing a Romulan commander called Vormarl. He is sending his warbird to assault a Starfleet shuttle just outside of the minefield, at coordinates three four nine mark one seven one."

"How do you know all of this?" demanded the first officer, who sounded immensely suspicious.

"I just do, that is answer enough!" replied G'nahC, lying down his authority with iron-clad words, and if necessary his d'k tahg which he had done with his previous first officer. "Communications call the Enterprise, and tell them we found the Romulans!"

In an instant Craddock found himself back on the shuttle. "We made it back!"

"So we have," said Spock, who sounded mildly interested by this extraordinary event. "Mr Craddock I need you at tactical, while I try to manoeuvre this shuttle away from the Romulans."

"We can't outrun them!" he told Spock, while he took up the tactical station.

"No but we can evade them for as long as necessary until the Enterprise arrives, I'm sending out a distress call right now."

"The Enterprise will never reach us in time!"

"Well then Mr Craddock I suggest you do what all humans do and cross your fingers and hope for the best."

For a moment Craddock thought that this was Spock's way of being humorous, but he wasn't sure. He then focused on the console in front of him, and readied the shuttle's phaser cannons.

The shuttle suddenly lurched and Craddock braced himself against his chair. "Shields are down to 35%," he said.

"Performing evasive manoeuvres," said Spock.

For some moments Spock's flying seemed to keep the warbird's disruptors at bay. But Craddock knew it was only a matter of time before another disruptor burst struck the shuttle's shields. What seemed odd to Craddock was that even with Spock's skilled piloting, the Romulan warbird should have hit the shuttle many more times. Yet it didn't, and Craddock wondered why the Romulans were so halfheartedly firing upon the shuttle.

"Don't you think it's odd that the Romulans aren't trying to really hit us with their disruptors?" he finally asked Spock.

"It is most odd, it could perhaps even be attributed to luck…"

"I thought Vulcans don't believe in luck?"

"We don't, but it seems luck is so far the only plausible explanation to the warbird's tactics."

But just after Spock had finished the shuttle was struck again.

"Shields are gone," said Craddock, and now he was worried.

The shuttle shook again, but it didn't appear to be from weapon's fire. Checking his console Craddock realized it was something much worse. "The Romulan ship has us tractor beamed, can you break free?"

"I cannot," replied Spock, "the tractor beam is too strong to resist against."

"We're being contacted by the Romulan ship!"

"On screen," said Spock, who sounded totally calm despite the serious situation both men were in.

Spock turned around to face the screen, placed on the side of the cockpit, which displayed the comm channel.

The screen showed Vormarl, sitting down in the commander's chair on his ship's bridge. The amulet was slung down his chest, held up by a thin chain around Vormarl's neck. "This is commander Vormarl, I demand that you willingly surrender your vessel and hand over the figurine!"

"Do you see the mark on his face?" whispered Craddock to Spock. "He's been possessed by the coil of spirits."

Spock though seemed to ignore this. "Commander if we do hand over to you the figurine what assurances can you give us that we will be allowed to return to the Enterprise unharmed?"

Vormarl looked almost insulted by this question. "All I want is the figurine and the person carrying it, Robert Craddock!"

"And what do you intend to do to Mr Craddock?"

"I intend to destroy both the figurine and Craddock!" said Vormarl passionately, and for a moment his eyes were bright with rage.

Spock however raised his eyebrows at this. "Mr Vormarl I am curious; if you wanted to destroy both the figurine and Craddock why didn't your vessel destroy this shuttle?"

"Because the figurine can only be destroyed by the coil of spirits and only once the one who controls it is killed! You have one minute to decide upon what you should do, because rest assured one way or another, I will have that figurine!"

The channel closed and Spock swivelled around in the chair to face Craddock.

"We can't give the figurine to Vormarl!" said Craddock urgently. "Once he destroys it then the coil of spirits can finally go to their former realm, and the vortex where Elizabeth lived will kill everyone living in the pyschonic realm, including her! We have to stall for time!"

For a few moments there was silence from Spock as he thought about Craddock's words. "Logic would suggest that to be the best approach, however Vormarl let slip something really important; it seems that he must personally destroy the figurine and kill you with his own bare hands."

This didn't make much sense to Craddock. "So why doesn't he destroy this shuttle, killing us, and presuming the figurine remains intact, beam the figurine from the debris and then destroy it?"

"I'm not sure," replied Spock, a slight frown had appeared on his face, and he seemed just as puzzled as Craddock. "Perhaps the figurine is protected in more ways than we realize due to your ownership of it. Or perhaps you somehow cast some sort of protective field around the figurine, and if you die the field will eventually dissipate. But not it seems quickly enough for Vormarl's liking."

"If that's so what do we do?" said Craddock. "We can't stall for time!"

"By my estimates it will take the Enterprise seven minutes to arrive. We need to break free of the tractor beam and head to the minefield."

"The minefield?" repeated Craddock, and he wondered if Spock had lost all logic and reason. "But Vormarl will follow us, and once we arrive in the minefield he will detonate-"

"Think about it Mr Craddock," interrupted Spock. "Vormarl due to his circumstances cannot do that as an option if he wants to destroy the figurine as quickly as possible... Open the channel to the Romulan ship."

"Channel open," said Craddock, while he wondered what Spock intended to.

Vormarl was on the screen, and was gazing at Spock with something like unbridled hatred. "Well are you going to hand both the figurine and Mr Craddock over to me?"

"I'm afraid not," said Spock lightly, "you're going to have to catch us first."

Fury made Vormarl's eyes bulge in their sockets. "Catch you-"

"End the channel," said Spock, "Mr Craddock fire phasers at the Romulan tractor beam."

Craddock locked on the phaser cannons to the Romulan ship's tractor beam. "Firing... It's damaged."

"Good, I'm taking this shuttle back to the minefield."

With a little lurch the shuttle's thrusters fired up. From his console, Craddock noted the Romulans were firing again but it seemed their reluctance to hit the shuttle had further increased. Perhaps Spock was right, Vormarl really didn't want to destroy the shuttle...

Kirk watched the viewscreen, as the Romulan ship slowly grew in size. It was pursuing the shuttle which Spock and Craddock were on, and strafing somewhat left and right, in what Kirk presumed was for avoiding the mines.

"Approaching the Romulan ship captain," reported Sulu.

"The Klingon vessels are breaking position and heading straight for the Romulan ship," said Chekov who was back at the helm.

"Follow behind them Mr Sulu," said Kirk, and he knew, giving the number of ships against the Romulan warbird, that this battle would be very short. And once it ended he would face the bigger challenge of defending against three Klingon ships…

Vormarl remained standing as he gazed in a fixated manner upon the shuttle displayed on the viewscreen. He was running out of time, but he could not afford to destroy the shuttle and kill the protector of the figurine, Robert Craddock. The figurine's protective powers would linger for many days after Craddock's death, and this was time Vormarl did not have.

"Sir the Klingon ships have increased their speed," said the first officer, Novek. "They'll be in weapons range in less than a minute."

"Continue the pursuit of the shuttle!" said Vormarl angrily, he was getting rather tired of Novek pointing out the obvious.

"Sir," protested Novek, "we are outnumbered four to one, surely we must break the pursuit and turn-"

Finally Novek had pushed Vormarl's impatience and tolerance to the brink. He turned around, stared at Novek, and then used his powers to choke Novek. He smiled as he watched Novek clasp his hands against his throat in a futile effort to stave off asphyxiation.

Killing these humanoids was so easy for Vormarl… "Do not question my orders," he hissed. "If you cannot follow my orders then I will find someone else who will!"

Novek continued to cough and retch. "I will follow your orders commander!" he gasped. "Please... I meant no... no disrespect sir."

Feeling that he had made his point, Vormarl stopped telekinetically choking Novek. "Good," he said, and he approached Novek's station. "Now remodulate this ship's disruptors according to these specifications."

He passed to Novek a padd containing the specifications.

Novek though simply stared at the padd with bewilderment, it was clear that he had never seen these sorts of specifications before. "But sir I don't see how our disruptors could be modified to fire these energy bands!"

"Such ignorance..." said Vormarl though more to himself. He then walked around to operate Novek's station. "Seems like I must do it myself..."

He forcibly nudged Novek out of the way, and proceeded to reconfigure the modulation of the disruptors. This was a very simple matter of remodulating the sub-space harmonics, harmonics that the Romulans didn't even know their disruptors possessed, to hundreds of times their usual frequencies. His hands flew across the console, as he reconfigured the disruptor banks.

"There," he said when he was done. "You will find these disruptors more than sufficient to destroy the attacking ships."

Vormarl left Novek and he returned to his spot, where he resumed watching the shuttle. Most of his mental effort was devoted to the shuttle, and he found it quite limiting being stuck in this body. If he was out of it he would be more fully aware of what was happening around him, but he was confident that his adjustments to the weapons would keep the Klingon ships and the Enterprise at bay.

"Captain the Romulan ship is maintaining it's course!" said Chekhov, who sounded a little surprised. "It continues to pursue our shuttle!"

"Commander Vormarl must be out of his mind," said Kirk, "surely he knows that he will be flanked?" He shook his head slightly, this battle was going to be even easier than he originally thought. "It doesn't matter, Sulu commence attack run gamma five, and target the warbird's engines."

"Commencing attack run gamma five," said Sulu.

"The warbird is firing at the Klingon ships..." said Chekhov, who was monitoring the ship's sensors, he then paused and frowned at something. "That's odd."

"What is it Mr Chekhov?" said Kirk a little impatiently.

"The Romulan's disruptors are penetrating straight through the Klingon's shields, the Klingon ships are taking heavy damage."

"I take that under advisement..." replied Kirk, as he took a gamble that whatever the Romulans were firing at the Klingons, wouldn't affect the Enterprise as badly.

"Firing photon torpedoes," said Sulu.

No sooner had Sulu said that, did the bridge shake violently. Some of the bridge's plasma conduits exploded, and one console some metres behind Kirk, exploded into flames.

"The Romulan disruptor fire is penetrating straight through our shields captain!" shouted Chekhov over the sound of the ship shaking.

"Fire at will Mr Sulu," said Kirk calmly, "we have to disable the Romulan ship's shields!"

"The Romulan shields are down to 50% captain!" reported Sulu.

"Continue firing!" said Kirk, who was now leaning on the edge of his seat. "Evasive manoeuvres Mr Chekhov, and avoid the disruptor-" There was another more powerful jolt of the ship. "-fire at all costs!"

Vormarl smiled to himself as he heard reports of the devastating damage his ship had inflicted upon the attackers. "Do you see now Novek?" he said smugly, as he continued to watch the viewscreen. "There was never any reason to worry about the Enterprise and the three Klingon ships."

"Yes sir," said Novek a little distractedly. "A second Klingon ship has been destroyed."

The ship shook again but it was not enough to unbalance Vormarl.

"Our shields are gone!" said the officer at the tactical station, he looked up at Vormarl in a desperate manner.

Frustration also made Vormarl explode with anger, it seemed he had no other choice but to deal with the attacking ships first. "Break off the pursuit of the shuttle," he ordered, his words laced with bitterness. "Direct your fire at the Enterprise!"

"The left warp nacelle has been ruptured!" said Chekhov, who was momentarily clinging on to his console as the Enterprise lurched violently.

"Sulu aim the photon torpedoes at the warbird's disruptor banks!" said Kirk.

"I can't access the computer controls for the torpedoes," replied Sulu, sounding calm despite this problem. "Switching to phasers instead!"

"Captain," said Uhura, "we're being hailed by the War Song!"

"On screen," said Kirk.

There on the viewscreen was G'nahC sitting on the commander's chair, behind him smoke and fires were everywhere, but G'nahC seemed far more alive and animated than Kirk had ever seen him.

"Captain looks like I must decline our challenge," said G'nahC, baring his teeth in a Klingon-like grin. "I promised that I would destroy this Romulan vessel and indeed I shall! As we speak my ship is heading directly for the Romulan warbird's right warp nacelle."

"G'nahC that's suicide!" exclaimed Kirk. "Surely-"

G'nahC though shook his head vehemently. "My ship is crippled and yours will shortly be so! It is the only way!"

Kirk accepted that G'nahC was right, and for a moment he was deeply grateful of the sacrifice this Klingon was about to make. "Good luck captain!" he replied.

"You and I would have had a glorious battle; Kirk!"

Kirk smiled at his Klingon counterpart.

"Of that; I have no doubt," Kirk said to the heroric Klingon. "Qapla", Kirk added with meaning in his voice.

"Qapla'!" replied G'nahC.

The channel closed, and at that moment Kirk had a plan. "Mr Chekhov, turn this ship around and make another attack run upon the Romulan ship!"

"We're going to get pretty singed captain!" warned Chekhov.

"Not as singed as they are!" replied Kirk confidently.

G'nahC had both hands gripped to his chair, as he braced himself against the shaking and vibration of his ship. "Helm are we still on course?"

"We are," replied the officer, "the Romulan ship is still facing the Enterprise!"

"Good," hissed G'nahC, his rage at boiling point. "Those Romulan petaQ's think we're making another firing run at their warp nacelle… Helm when I give the order swing this ship upwards and towards the Romulan's right warp nacelle!" He watched the viewscreen, as his eyes were a far better measure of this ship's course than the computer. "Wait for it..." he said. "Wait... Now!"

He saw from the viewscreen the Romulan vessel filling up the view, and expanding at a rapid rate. This was how a Klingon warrior should die he thought, in a blaze of glory like this. He could almost hear Sto-Vo-Kor calling to him…

The War Song powered towards the Romulan ship, the distance between the two diminished until finally the front of the War Song plowed into the Romulan ship's right warp nacelle. At first there was a tiny explosion and a lot of twisted metal as the War Song's front disintegrated. But still the ship's momentum carried it through further penetrating the Romulan vessel.

Finally there was a colossal explosion from the right side of the Romulan ship, and hundreds of pieces of outer hull plating where churned up and ripped off the ship. The wings of the War Song became detached as the back half of the ship twisted and contorted from the stress. A second huge explosion came when the War Song's warp core breached, and when it did so, the whole of the War Song was engulfed in a fire ball.

Once the fire ball disappeared, the Romulan ship came into sight, while the War Song was no more. There was an almighty gash along the Romulan ship's right side. The whole ship was tilting sideways, and all the exposed decks were venting air out into space. Shards and chunks of metal littered around the impact area and around the stricken ship.

Vormarl got back to his feet, numerous bulkheads had collapsed through the ceiling, fires were everywhere, as where dead Romulans. But Vormarl didn't care about any of this. "Report!" he shouted.

Novek shakily got up and returned to his station, there were cuts all over his face, he looked battered and very defeated. "The Klingon ship rammed into the starboard warp nacelle. The weapons are down, both primary and secondary power are down, multiple hull breaches! I can't seal them, this ship's energy reserves are too depleted!" He looked at Vormarl beseechingly. "Sir we should abandon ship!"

Fury surged through Vormarl, how could the humanoids have overpowered his ship? He ignored that rather bitter thought as he considered his options. The figurine had to be destroyed, he had to do it, and now he was forced to take the worst possible choice. He was going to have to arrive in the shuttle and destroy the figurine from inside there. It was dangerous but it was the only way, he had now ran out of time.

So closing his eyes, he visualized the shuttle and he literally beamed himself off the wrecked Romulan ship, and concentrated with his all mind on materializing inside the shuttle.



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