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Chapter Notes: Fresh Horses for Battle by....BorgDominant
Story editing...BorgDominant and Robert Scorpio
Additional story editing by Ln X


Chapter 11
Fresh Horses for Battle

Guest Starring




G'nahC looked across his bridge and smirked, they were alive and though the Furious Charge was damaged it would not be long before they were moving under their own power again. The War Song had been able to tractor them out of the field.

"Captain, we have monitored a transmission directed at the Enterprise. It seems to be coming from a Romulan vessel coming this way; they are demanding the humans surrender some sort of treasure."

G'nahC narrowed his eyes and thumped a hand down on the arm rest of his command chair; the fleet leader had briefed him about the operation on the primitive world in the next grid. He didn't know any details about them or the operation, but he did know it involved a pillaging, though he wished his men could have joined in with.

"Hail the Enterprise," he ordered.

In a quick moment the legendary starship commander's face was on the screen.

"Kirk here."

"KIRK! We have monitored your transmissions with the Romulan ship coming this direction; do you intend to transfer the figurine to the Romulans?"

Kirk shook his head in disagreement.

"No, this is the rightful salvage of a Federation citizen. The Romulans are encroaching on your territory as well as molesting our citizens. Their threat was directed as much at your people as it was at us. You should know that the planet your forces were raiding has been destroyed."

G'nahC looked over at his science officer who nodded in agreement to what Kirk had said.

Kirk continued on with his offer…

"G'nahC; once we are clear of this minefield we will be bringing the fight to them, we will fight at your side; our fists united against the Romulans," said Kirk, with much bravado. "We will be fighting for your territory and your sovereignty; as well as for the lives of my people, who will lay down their lives for the honor of your people."

G'nahC looked Kirk square in the eyes and read his face as best he could, the bland features of humans were unfamiliar but the eyes spoke loudly. He nodded to himself and gestured to the helmsman.

"Deactivate the minefield and target the Romulan mines as best you can, clear the Enterprise a path. Kirk..."

"Go ahead," Kirk said.

G'nahC couldn't believe he was about to say what he was about to say. His voice was weary with consternation.

"I will aid you in getting free of this minefield, but human; I have one condition!" He pointed directly at Kirk. "Should we both survive this engagement with the Romulans, I would have my combat with you. I am formally challenging you and your honor. My honor will not allow your trespass to go unanswered."

"If we survive I will answer your challenge," agreed Kirk.

"It will be worthy of song," added G'nahC with a devious smile.

"A mere song?" replied Kirk. "I would expect nothing more than a full fledged opera!"

G'nahC flashed his ragged teeth at Kirk and laughed loudly.

"Very well, my helmsman is sending you the coordinates for a safer path through the field, our mines will not harm you and we will target any others we manage to spot."

"My thanks Captain G'nahC," said Kirk, with a nod.

"It is a good day to die Captain. We will bring this Romulan, Vormarl, to his heel together."

"Well said, Kirk Out."

Once the screen was blank, G'nahC shifted his attention to his crew.

"Damage report!" G'nahC barked as he kicked the remains of one of his dead officers.

"We are moments from restoring impulse engines, the port nacelle is functioning at 60% and we have several hull breaches. Of the 40 Casualties, 12 are expected to survive," his first officer replied.

"Excellent, as soon as we have impulse power bring us to heading 12 mark 134. Best speed, add our disruptors to the War Songs. See if we can force them to expose a flank for the Fatal Stab."

The Enterprise…

"Looks like the Klingons are going to give us a helping hand. Get us out of here as fast as you can Mr. Sulu. Chekov, please take Spock's post and keep a sharp eye out; feed the targeting information to Sulu. If you spot anymore mines give him the best shot possible at them."

Kirk pressed the com switch on his chair. "Spock," he said, "prepare to launch the shuttle on my next command."

"Very well," Spock's voice replied.

Chekov, who had made his way up to Spock's post, looked into the science viewer. His voice became worried.

"Keptin," Chekov said, "there is a distortion field expanding from grid mark 96, it seems to be the distortion wave from the planet." said Chekov.

The Furious Charge...

G'nahC thumped his palm impatiently as he watched the Enterprise plough through the mine field. Captain Kirk was certainly worthy of his reputation. The Klingon watched as the phasers of the Enterprise destroyed several Romulan mines. The Furious Charge destroyed a few as well.

"Fair is foul and foul is fair," said G'nahC as he watched the Enterprise waddle through the minefield. "If I destroy Kirk, and the Enterprise…"

"Your name will be legend," his first officer concluded.

"Begin scanning, see if you can also spot the Romulans. Signal the fleet and tell them there is game to be had. More glory to my brothers." He wrinkled his nose. "And send someone up here to clear off all this mess," he added angrily.

G'nahC looked around for a moment and finally brought his glance back upon his first officer again; he gestured to him and straightened his baldric. The two moved off to the boom of the ship and stood aside for a few moments as the dead were hauled off to a sorting room.

"Do you still feel that the Enterprise is akin to a caged Targ?"

His first officer looked deeply shamed at his earlier remarks, and shook his head slowly.

"No sir, it is evident to me now that I under estimated them. It also seems I have under estimated you."

"You feel we should simply destroy them where they are, and then go hunt the Romulans?"

"Yes, my lord. You will be aiding them. They are not worthy of aid or your respect. They are humans, and Federation scum. You dishonor yourself by offering that pathetic human an honorable challenge."

G'nahC drew his Mek'leth and growled at his former first officer. The other man drew his D'K'Tahg and the two men lunged at each other. G'nahC's move however was a feint, he side stepped instead of lunging. The other man moved right in front of him and did not feel the captains Mek'leth hack through his cervical vertebrae. His head toppled to the deck plates with a clatter, G'nahC whipped his weapon through the air once to clean it and strode back to the bridge.

"I will not lose a personal combat my friend," said G'nahC with honor aimed at his fallen friend.

G'nahC walked back to the bridge and read the damage reports his stand by officers handed TO him, he grumbled and read through the crew manifest. He patted his palm against the arm of his chair twice and held his hand out, moments later a steel cup of warm blood wine was placed in his fist.

He sipped the wine and read through the data, after the drink was finished and he had digested the information he looked up and nodded to the nearest stand by officer.

"This is a list of personnel to be transferred between the War Song and the Furious Charge. Then have my quarter's possessions sent to the War Song, inform commander G'hrullang of her promotion to captain of this vessel."

G'nahC left the bridge and made his way to one of the secondary transporters located a deck below the bridge, from there he beamed over the War Song.

He relieved G'hrullang of her command of the War Song and handed her his copy of Twelfth Night.

"The previous captain gave this to me when I took command of the Furious Charge, it is a tradition I would like to continue. I now pass this text to you, and wish you all possible success in your career. I will be sending you a commendation for your performance today."

"I am honoured sir. You will find the War Song a capable vessel, with an outstanding crew."

"Captain, I would like to add that in addition to my commendation I will be recommending you for command of the Fist of Kahless."

G'hrullang looked surprised as she sucked in a sharp breath, she recovered quickly and saluted the older man smartly. The prestigious vessel was one of the newer model heavy cruisers in line to serve the fleet, she may have just lost command of a D-7. But she would likely be commanding a D-10.

"That is much appreciated sir, I will always remember the honour you grace me with today."

"You earned that honour yourself, I was fortunate enough to recognize your actions. Fare well G'hrullang."

"Fare well G'nahC."

She stepped onto the transporter and disappeared a few moments later, G'nahC walked up to the bridge. Even though the Furious Charge and the War Song were thirty years apart in age, the War Song deck's was laid out in same configuration as the Furious Charge. Also in spite of the age difference, the War Song was a larger ship. Longer, wider, taller, and heavier. The dimensions were not very different, only 5-10 meters difference. It was the weight difference that really mattered, the War Song was close to twice the weight of the Furious Charge.

"Comms. Alert me as soon as you have located the Enterprise," said G'nahC as he surveyed the bridge.

With that G'nahC left the bridge to visit the galley, battle often made him hungry. Waiting was always easier when there was something to do, and a meal would serve that purpose well enough.

He ate a typically spartan meal and visited his new quarters briefly before returning to the bridge, there he chose a new book to keep at his side for his command of this vessel. Titus Andronicus seemed best.

Vormarl's ship was speeding toward the minefield when at last a Warbird de-cloaked. The Warbird's massive underbelly opened up, as if preparing to swallow Vormarl's much smaller vessel.

Mere moments later, Vormarl's ship disappeared behind the bay doors. Some time later Vormarl exited his ship and made his way to the bridge. The lower ranked Romulan officers had been trained very early on not to look at him; and to keep their heads bowed down until he had passed. Failure to do so would mean death. Only the command crew, which was on the bridge of the Warbird, was deemed worthy enough to look into his eyes.

At last he arrived on the bridge, only to see the Enterprise clearing the minefield, and pivoting to a head on course with the Warbird. And, more interesting, the Klingon ships appeared to be aligned with the legendary Federation ship, and it's equally legendary Captain; James T Kirk.



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