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Summary: T'Pol's intended bondmate has a proposal for her. AU, with references to TOS.
Winner: "It Must Be Love!" Challenge
Rated: K+
Categories: Enterprise Characters: T'Pol
Genre: Het, Romance
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Published: 11 Feb 2009 Updated: 11 Feb 2009
Story Notes:
When I first saw the episode where T'Pol's betrothal was mentioned, I thought they never said the name of the guy she was supposed to marry, so when I was writing for a challenge on ASCEML, I came up with this. Later I found out that the guy had had a different name, and still later than that he was introduced, so this is AU now, but honestly I like it better than what actually did happen. T'Pol's opinions about marrying humans become kind of ironic considering what happened in canon, but this is T'Pol from the second season of ENT.

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