Demora Is Missing by Gojirob
Summary: Hikaru Sulu experiences every parent's worst nightmare.
Categories: Crossovers, Original Series, Alternate Universes Characters: Sulu, Hikaru
Genre: Family
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Series: The Ancient Destroyer Cycle : Falling Away (2269-2278)
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Story Notes:
In the Ancient Destroyer Universe, while the Enterprise crew certainly enjoyed leaves and time off, the intervals between five-year missions was short, owing to the schemes of Admiralty Hall. There were four such missions in all, with canon usually only having three.

1. Chapter 1 by Gojirob

Chapter 1 by Gojirob
Demora is Missing
by Rob Morris



All the doors were still locked. He checked the windows, and found no screen breakage.


Every single closet door was now opened, and their contents were scattered in a chaotic pattern the orderly man could not have cared less about.


In the kitchen, every drawer was still locked, and every sharp and blunt instrument was still in those same locked drawers.


She was not in her crib, nor on or under his bed. Bile rising from his gut, he made for the bathroom.


On the one hand, he was in heaven because the tub did not contain a still form, nor did any inch of the porcelain-tiled room contain a slipped broken treasure. No red, save for the fluoride rinse McCoy insisted he use while away.


But on the other hand, he was still in hell, because she was not to be seen, anywhere. Scientifically, he knew any number of things could have occurred. But this was not some godforsaken outpost accidentally built within the borders of some paranoid unknown species. This was Earth!


His eyes teared almost freely now, especially as he recalled that this being Earth had meant nothing to the safety of young Peter Kirk, missing and presumed dead for seven years now. The old fear came up. Had the forces that erased one good kid now taken his little girl before she could even speak? Since Alise had announced her pregnancy, he had tried to push the thought of this possibility out, with success till now.


He had been exhausted. The Hall's unbelievable announcement that the refit would now take only a week canceled many long-term leave plans, at least those planned for Earth and its surrounding sectors. For a group that hated James Kirk, the Admiralty sure wanted to keep him in the Enterprise's center seat.

Not that Hikaru Sulu wanted to stay near a Starfleet HQ still in shock over the ascendancy of Grand Admiral Brock Cartwright. Everyone was now watching what they said, as though under surveillance. The Academy was now under some ancient school-as-parent policy. Sulu and most others doubted this meant ideal parenting.


Too much damned paperwork, followed by Alise's surprise that he would have to take Demora for most of that week. Dearly though he loved them both, his energy level was not what it should have been. He tried to tell himself he had only rested his stupid eyes for thirty seconds. Those thirty seconds had now apparently cost him everything.


The clothes refresher was empty, and the vents were too far into the ceiling and too small to be of concern. His head began to spin, and he realized he wasn't breathing properly.


The clothes basket then moved, and fell over. A small figure, covered up by Sulu's storage-scented, recently cleaned First-Mission yellow tunic, crawled right over to him. The healthy, happy, uninjured little girl smiled as her Daddy picked her up, her head poking out from inside his tunic.


Hikaru needed sleep, and he needed water, but he found he could not let her go for anything. Sometime later, the daughter by adoption of a friend relieved him on watch, albeit with the tiny adventurer put to bed first, and her crib checked to see that escape was not an option.

"Thanks, Saavik."

"It is a pleasure, sir."

It was clear that she did find it a pleasure and Hikaru recalled that Saavik Brianna Kirk had probably never slept this soundly as an infant, on the place aptly named Hellguard.

"How is she, Hikaru?"

Sulu nodded at his friend and Captain.

"In better shape than her old man. Jim, thank you for coming over."

Kirk nodded.

"I've been there. Just catch some sleep, now. Because, Mister--you look like you need it."

Before heading into his rented house's guest room-- he was fearful of crying out and waking Demora -- Hikaru
Sulu said a bit more.

"You know, Jim, when you lost Peter, I used to wonder why you let a tragic but not inconceivable event get to you like it did. Now, after this--I wonder how you ever got over it."

After his friend and subordinate was fast asleep, Kirk finally responded.

"I'll let you know if I ever do."
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