The True Way by Enterprise1981
Summary: The Cardassian Union is now in a struggle for political dominance. The Federation has been sending relief missions to Cardassia. A political extremist group that fought hard to rid the Cardassian Union of the Dominion feels that the Federation's intentions are less than benign. Commander Elias Vaughn and the crew of the USS Defiant must diffuse a tense hostage situation.

Back on Deep Space 9, Colonel Kira Nerys and company have their own terrorist situation to deal with. An important conference is being held and someone is planning to assassinate one of the delegates. The plan involves someone from Kira's past...
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Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Violence
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Series: Star Trek: War Aftermath
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Chapter 13 by Enterprise1981

Chapter Thirteen


Revok watched a visual feed of Corak’s activities through a homing device from his quarters. The two Starfleet officers attacking elicited Revok to walk closer to the wall-mounted monitor. Who were they and how did they get there? Someone had to have tipped them off.


Vaughn’s team materialized in an underground tunnel below the True Way compound. Accompanying the commander were Bashir, Rashid, and three security officers including Fitzpatrick.  All were armed with phaser rifles and their left arms were fitted with emergency transporter armbands to alert the shuttle’s transporter more quickly.

Bashir and Rashid opened their tricorders to look at the compound’s schematics. “I’m reading one Bajoran and one human on the fifth level,” Bashir reported.

All six team members threw themselves against the wall when two phasers were fired in their direction. Two Cardassian civilians were firing. Vaughn and Fitzpatrick fired back, stunning both.


Hadar visited Limis in his cell. The gul was accompanied by two guards. “Put your hands in front of you,” he instructed. “We’re moving you for further questioning.”

Limis did as she was told. Before Hadar could put a set of restraints on her wrists, Revok stormed into the cell, grabbed Limis by the throat, and shoved her against the back wall. “You let someone know about the assassination, didn’t you?”

“I’ve been in here the whole time,” Limis insisted.

“I freed the hostages,” Hadar said. “They sent out an alert of the assassination attempt.”

“You?” Revok growled. He let go of Limis to face Hadar. “I should have known you would try a stunt like this.”

“I support the Directorate, but I could not allow this assassination to happen,” Hadar explained.

Without a word, Revok pulled out his phaser and fired, vaporizing Hadar. He then turned around to point his phaser at Limis. “You will die here as well,” he said.

The two guards were incapacitated by phaser fire. Morrison came into the cell pointing a Cardassian phaser at Revok. “Drop it,” he said.

Revok dropped the phaser. “Now,” said Morrison,” put your hands on your head and interlace your fingers.”

Revok did as instructed. “Try and escape if you wish,” he said. “You won’t get out of this building alive.”

“I thought Hadar freed all the hostages,” Limis said, picking up Revok’s phaser before they left the cell.

“I stayed behind to break you out,” Morrison explained. He pushed three buttons on the door panel to close and lock the cell door.

Two more guards started shooting at them. Limis and Morrison fired to phasers at the guards knocking them out.

A security alarm sounded getting everyone’s attention. The two escaped captives raced down the corridor to evade the soldiers.


Vaughn’s team made its way into the compound when hearing the alarm. “I’ve lost the sensor lock,” Rashid reported. “Probably some jamming device.”

“Pan out,” Vaughn commanded. “We have a better chance of finding them if we split up.”

Bashir began to pair with Rashid, but Fitzpatrick stepped between them. “He’s with me,” he told Rashid. “I want to make sure he doesn’t try anything.”

“If you say so,” Vaughn sighed. “Rashid, you’re with me.”

For a man of over a hundred, Vaughn still could run fast. He quickly jumped out of the way of phaser fire. Three Cardassians were shooting at him. Two shots from his rifle failed to incapacitate anyone.

Rashid fired his hand phaser stunning two of them. Vaughn fired at the one still left standing.

Limis and Morrison, meanwhile, were pinned down by phaser fire from two sides. They tried to no avail firing back. The situation was hopeless. Sooner or later, someone would be hit. Being outnumbered, the odds were not in their favor. “In case we don’t get out of this, Morrison,” Limis declared. “I want you to know… “

Suddenly, the guards Limis was shooting at were no longer firing. Vaughn and Rashid took them out. That distracted the guards Morrison was shooting at long enough for him and Limis to stun all three.

Vaughn walked towards the escapees while Rashid raced off in the opposite direction. “We need to get out of here quickly,” Vaughn said, removing an extra combadge from the inside of his uniform sleeve. He turned to see Rashid gone. “Vaughn to Rashid,” he said tapping his own combadge. No answer.

“I think I saw him take off the way you came,” said Limis.

“We have a shuttle in orbit,” Vaughn said, handing Limis his spare combadge. “I want the two of you beam aboard it.” He placed his combadge back on his uniform and tapped it. “Vaughn to all team members. Rashid has gone missing.’

Limis tapped the combadge signaling the shuttle transporter to beam her and Limis aboard.


Rashid did not slow down as he threw his combadge off. He arrived at the entrance to a heavily guarded room. He fired his phaser at the guards while running back and forth across the corridor.

He stunned five in all. Rashid kneeled down next to one of the unconscious guards, and then pushed a button on the guard’s wrist communicator to open the door to the reactor room.

Down the hallway, Bashir and Fitzpatrick were out looking for Rashid. “So far, so good,” Bashir sarcastically remarked. “Nothing has gone horribly wrong.”

“Yet,” Fitzpatrick corrected.

They passed the reactor room, and Bashir saw Rashid placing an explosive on the reactor. “Aiman, what the hell are you doing?” Julian asked.

He turned around pointing his phaser at both his colleagues. “You’re trying to blow up the reactor,” Fitzpatrick observed. “Why?”

“The reason is obvious,” Rashid answered. He sounded different. He was now speaking with a Middle East accent. “I intend to knock out the power in this building.”

“You work for one of the rival factions,” Bashir guessed.

“Actually, a secret branch of Starfleet you are familiar with, Julian,” Rashid corrected.

“Section 31. You’re here to make sure the True Way doesn’t win out.”

“We need a Cardassian government that is non-hostile.”

“Surely you’re aware of the consequences of the Federation provoking a civil war.”

“They’ll never know we were involved.” Rashid chained himself to the explosive. Bashir grabbed Fitzpatrick and they got out just seconds before the explosion.

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