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Before you say 'I do', you need to get people to stand up for you. Damien finds out that that's not always so easy to do, when your fiancée is Klingon and some of your human friends find that ... odd.

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--- a drabble ---

1. Pete by jespah

Pete by jespah

“Wait up, Pete!” called Damien. They were schoolteachers together on Earth. Pete quickened his pace. “Pete! Porter!” 

Porter turned for a second. “What?” 

Damien jogged over. “C’mon, we’re pals. Or at least we were. What the hell happened?” 

“You’ve been distant since you got a girlfriend.” 

“Oh, that, sorry. Look, Pete, can I ask you something?” 

“I suppose.” They started walking again. 

“I, I need a Best Man.” 

“So it’s serious.” 

“Yeah. I love Kalara, no matter what it looks like. I don’t care about appearances if I can’t be with her.” 

“You got it bad, Damien.” 

“Yeah, I do.”

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