Out Of My Dreams by Cowgirlcadet1701
Summary: Christine Chapel gets the best surprise of her life.
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Series: Dreams Realized
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1. The Visitor by Cowgirlcadet1701

2. She's a Lady by Cowgirlcadet1701

3. Out Of My Dreams by Cowgirlcadet1701

The Visitor by Cowgirlcadet1701
“…And you probably think you’re above playing nurse anymore, since you’re an MD now, but I hope you’ll consider it anyway, because I swear, Chris, there’s nobody I’d rather have working in my sickbay. Honest to God. So whaddya say?”

“I don’t know Leonard. I’ll have to think about it and let you know tomorrow. Anyway, my lunch break is over, so I have to get back to work.”


Several hours later there was an accident in Lab 2-B at Starfleet Medical. An experiment went awry, and the chemicals involved caused an explosion. Three people died, and seven others were injured by the blast. The lab was nearly destroyed. Naturally, the incident was on the news almost immediately. Within the hour, everyone knew about the accident. The names of the dead and injured were withheld, however, pending notification of the families.


Spock had planned to go over some reports which required his attention, but the task proved to be an exercise in futility. The lack of focus was entirely unacceptable, but, try as he might, he was unable to concentrate. His mind kept drifting to the explosion, and he could not stop wondering whether Christine Chapel had been one of the victims. Even more maddening, he could think of nothing else. He concluded that to regain his focus he must find out what happened to her, and the sooner it was done, the less likely it was that he would be “caught napping” as the saying went. The reports could wait.


Christine Chapel had almost finished dressing for a night out on the town when the doorbell rang.

“Janice, could you get that?”

“Sure, Chris.”

Janice Rand opened the door to the old townhouse….and just barely managed to keep her jaw from dropping to the floor.

“Chris, I think it’s for you.”

“Just a minute. I’ll be right down.”

She's a Lady by Cowgirlcadet1701
Author's Notes:
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Janice turned her attention back to their visitor.

“Come right in. Have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

Christine’s voice drifted into the living room, sounding a bit nervous.

Oy. Janice, tell me that’s not really who I think it is.”

“Chris, do I ever lie to you?”

“Never. Oy vey. Well, whatever he wants, stall him while I change into something else. I couldn’t possibly let him see me in this. I look like a tramp. Oy gevalt.”

Janice settled into the corner of the couch.

“I’d recommend that you make yourself comfortable, Mr. Spock. She’s going to be a while.”

“You seem quite sure of that.”

“It’s simple. The more a woman loves a man, the longer she takes to make herself look amazing for him. And before you say anything, I know darned well it’s not logical.”


“You want something to drink? Milk? Water? Coffee? Orange juice?”

“Water, please.”

Janice disappeared into the kitchen, and returned a few moments later, flipping on the radio on her way in.

“Here you are. I hope you don’t mind the music.”

“Of course not.”

As a matter of fact, Spock rather liked the old Earth music. He recognized the song playing as one that his mother was fond of.

You can’t hurry love
No, you’ve just got to wait
Just give it time
Love don’t come easy
It’s a game of give and take….


He had to admit, at least to himself, that the familiar music was relaxing.


Over half an hour later, Christine Chapel appeared at the top of the stairs, pausing for a moment before she started down, stepping to the rhythm of the music as Tom Jones began to sing “She’s a Lady”.


Time slowed to a crawl, and then froze. The moment blurred briefly, then snapped into crystal clear focus. As illogical as he knew the sensation was, Spock could neither deny it nor quite shake it. Then she spoke and the illusion was mostly shattered, although the illogical yet undeniably truthful conclusion he had reached in that frozen moment remained. After another moment which seemed a near eternity, although it must only have been a fraction of a second, The words Christine had said filtered through to his conciousness.
Out Of My Dreams by Cowgirlcadet1701
“Mister Spock. What a pleasant surprise. What brings you?”

“It is a matter of some importance.”

“If it’s important, I’m sorry I kept you waiting so long.”

“I also wish to apologize.”

“You do?”

“Yes. Certain things I have told you in the past have proven to be untrue, although I believed that they were true when I said them. I do not make a practice of lying to my friends, so I ask forgiveness for the unintentional deceit.”

“I understand what you mean. Some things in life simply defy logic.”

“Indeed. Yet, interestingly, the same things are occasionally cited as logical reasons for certain actions.”

“I completely agree.”

“Do you mean that you are agreeable to taking such actions?”

“I do.”

Spock removed his command ring from his hand and gave it to Christine.

“Please take this, for the time being, as a token of our agreement, until something more suitable can be obtained.”

She smiled at him.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome. I cannot stay any longer, as I have business to attend to. We must discuss our agreement in depth at a later time.”

“Yes, we must. Now you better get back to that business of yours before anybody notices you’ve been slacking.”



Approximately three seconds after the door closed behind Spock, Janice Rand leapt up from the couch.

“I knew it! Underneath all that Vulcan crap, he’s secretly a romantic.”

Christine glanced at the ring, then back at Janice, and smiled.

“Apparently…. He must get it from his mother.”

“Probably. And speaking of mothers, when do you plan on introducing him to yours?”

“Ahh. My mother. Oy.

“Are you nervous?”

“You might say that. What if she doesn’t like him? I mean, they’re just so different.”

“I know what you mean, Chris. I’ve met your mother. But you know what they say about ‘opposites attract’. They might get along famously. She might like him better than any of the other boyfriends you’ve ever brought home. Maybe she’ll like him so much she’ll wonder why you even wasted your time with all those other schmucks.”

Christine had to laugh a little.

“Now, Janice, let’s not get too optimistic. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best; that’s what I say.”

“I thought the saying was ‘Shoot for the moon and settle for the best’.”

“That’s a different saying. But since you’ve mentioned it…. Janice, I’ve got the moon!”

At that the two friends joined hands and waltzed around the living room to the song on the radio.

Out of my dreams and into your arms I long to fly….

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