In Between Days Collection by jespah

What if you could see before and after canon, and fill in the blanks?


The In Between Days universe follows six principals in that series, and their counterparts, as the Enterprise NX-01 travels the galaxy and its preliminaries and aftermath are also shown. The six principals are: Leonora (Norri) Digiorno, Douglas JH Beckett, Dr. Pamela Hudson, Melissa Madden, Charlotte Lilienne O’Day and canon character Malcolm Reed. The longer books are listed in chronological order, with teaser copy and dates, but only with a link to where a book is already posted.

In Between Days

The title In Between Days refers not only to a Cure song of that name, but also the time period roughly between the Terra Prime/Mirror Universe episodes on ENT and the These Are the Voyages episode which ended that series. 

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Saturn Rise by jespah
Author's Notes:

Are some things unforgivable? Are some people irredeemable? In May of 2162, Malcolm takes Lili to meet his parents as Pamela takes Treve to meet her sister, Lisa.

Saturn Rise can be found here.

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