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Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Jul 2010 03:53 Title: V. In the sombre season or the sudden fury.

Now we REALLY have Kira's attitude about the Cardassians coming full-circle, as she finds herself actually starting...even in brief experience something like camaraderie with them.  And at the end, for her to be truly repulsed and sickened by what the Dominion has done to their world (when I imagine she thought she would've wanted that, during the Occupation)...finally her character has grown to maturity here.  This, to me, is the climax of the story.

You've nailed the voices of all of the characters, too--Damar's bluntness, Garak's obfuscations...but what's remarkable is Garak's honest remark that not only respects Kira, but her beliefs too (contrasted with "Things Past," where Garak had to actually walk in a Bajoran's shoes and learned nothing from the experience).  I'm curious, do you accept AJR's A Stitch in Time as part of your "canon"?  A lot of what happens here seems to foreshadow that book.

And this passage shows the hardest part of relationship with deity: the moment when it turns to the bluntest honesty possible and all of the angriest pent-up emotions come out.  Some don't recognize it as such, but that too is part of the faith experience.

Author's Response:

The revolution-from-the-basement arc was my absolute favourite plot DS9 ever did, just because it felt so satisfying from a narrative point of view, seeing Kira come full circle as she did. It was fantastic to get a chance to write a scene taking place there, and I'm really glad you've pinpointed this as the climax of the story, because that was my intention exactly.

And thank you so much! This is my first non-drabble fic in the fandom, and Garak in particular is a difficult nut to crack, voice-wise. It's so good to hear he was recognizably Garak-ish.

As for my personal canon, well, it seems to change depending on which story I'm writing. ;) I deliberately put in the reference here to Edosian orchids to hint at A Stitch in Time, but the more I worked on this section, the more the rest of that novel started to creep in here and there. I'm so glad somebody spotted it!

It's extremely gratifying to know that there's a recognizable progression here in terms of faith - I felt like I was thoroughly out of my league when I accepted this prompt in a challenge on Livejournal, because I have virtually no personal experience to draw on. So thank you, very much, for the reassurance - and thank you for another thought-provoking review!

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