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Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Jul 2010 03:45 Title: IV. Lost in a shaft of sunlight.

I'm glad we got to see the aftermath of the KO Damar incident!

You can also see the evolution of Kira's attitudes towards Cardassians here--in the same passage we have her able to (indirectly) praise the attention Ziyal is getting from the Cardassian Institute of Art, and showing her friendship for Ziyal, yet in her thoughts we see it's still merely the vaunted Cardassian attention to detail.

Ziyal is such a fascinating character--she's incredibly naive sometimes in that even when her father tried to kill her she still isn't creeped out by him, but she has such a heart of gold that you can't help loving her in spite of that major flaw.  (I also think that sometimes Dukat acts the way he does not just because he wants someone who will praise him no matter what...but because I think he sees his own lost soul in her.  Ziyal ended up influencing my AU version of Dukat, in a way.)

One thing that also surprises put a heart inside that Breen armor (and fittingly gave us none of their dialogue), by suggesting that Ziyal was actually able to get some of them to listen and show some restraint sometimes.  That was a real attention-getter.

You know, I've always wondered why Kira didn't kill Odo for treason (other than that the writers didn't want to take the character off the show).  You hint at the conflict there--Odo's choice sounds quite irrevocable the way you have Kira speaking.  If someday you ever take on Kira again, I wonder if you would be interested in writing the decision-making process that kept her from killing Odo?

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you caught the language in that thought of Kira's - the "merely"s and such were a lot of fun to sneak in. It's one thing to accept, intellectually, that not all Cardassians are evil - but it's another thing entirely to try and erase a lifetime of thought and expression advancing the opposite feeling. There was a deleted scene in, what was it, "Sons and Daughters", where Dukat and Kira discuss Damar's unconscious sneer every time he says the word "Bajoran". That was the sort of thing I wanted, here, and I'm so glad it came through all right.

I'm so fascinated by Ziyal's character, and I love your description of how Dukat sees her - she is, after all, his one chance for some measure of redemption.

I really wasn't sure at first about the bit with the Breen, if only because we've seen so little of them to suggest any room for compromise. I tried to keep in mind that one Breen who helped our heroes escape from the Dominion prison camp - he was probably just acting toward his own best interest in siding with the escapees, but surely there's room there for a moral explanation? (Maybe not. But it was a fun idea to play with.)

One of my biggest issues with canon is the way they glossed over the conflict between Kira and Odo, reducing the reconciliation to one (off-screen) conversation, as though they realized they'd crossed the point of no return and couldn't find a way to put it right. Regardless of how far Kira would go to punish him, I think it could have been really interesting to have Odo flee the station and operate as a free agent for a while. Still, that's what AU fic is for!

Thank you again, so much, for these reviews!

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