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Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2013 18:24 Title: Chapter 25

The Romulans want the Klingons to go to war but thank God Admiral Ross withdrew otherwise this whole situation could have been even worse! The mystery deepens and for once I'm getting the sense that even Section 31 is losing control here!

And all of this elaborate plan just to remove some very powerful nadion pulse cannons? Given how Kinchawn seems like a rather dubious leader, how long will it be until he uses those nadion pulse cannons and his race reverse engineer the technology? Clearly nadion pulse cannons are a banned weapon within Starfleet otherwise more would have been made and the ones which were built would not have been hidden to such a degree.

From all of this the ultimate winners could be the Romulans as the Federation descends into a political crisis (should the truth be known), the Klingons attack the Federation and the Romulans... They can just sit back, which was the Romulan Senate's, the military's and the Tal Shiar's plan all along. And then once the dust has settled they come swooping in amongst the chaos and the war to annex some easy gains.

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