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Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 Jun 2013 15:54 Title: Preface

I think Ln X reviews has cover a lot of what I like to say.

This feels so much like the DS9 aftermath; I had no problem hearing the characters saying those lines, no one to me act out of character.

S31 are suffering from the old problem 'who watches the watchers?' their actions are destroying the Federation as there not been held in check. They actions are speed up the rot in the UFP and the other powers.

The story kept me coming back for more, I enjoy your re-take of past scenes in the flashback, but I do feel the Orion Syndicate & Sisko Angle felt unresolved. I personnel like to have seen more of the Suran and Donotra arc but perhaps that could be a future story.

Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 23:56 Title: Preface

I do have one final review concerning Omega. This is more of a general review but here goes.

First of all I just want to say thank you for telling me all those times to read this story. This story is truly one of your best and I wish more people on this site would read it! But you have pulled off one incredibly complicated story, I cannot believe how it all works!

To say there are twists and turns is an understatement! You add more to Senator Vreenak and how Garak assassinated him, you reveal that Sloan never died and it was all an isomorphic projection! You cover all sorts of TNG and DS9 characters, both primary and secondary and they contributed to this masterpiece!

The dialogue was spot on as usual, and considering how you tackled a variety of characters, you must have had to cover all sorts of styles and yet you conveyed them all perfectly! That takes some serious skill writing characters like that and making them feel familiar and all!

There were some great story arcs and the twists and turns of the plot... This will take some additional reading of this story to fully grasp what you have written down. How on Earth did you come with such a bold idea as this? Well I understand how it took you so long to complete this story as I can imagine it must have taken months worth of planning and plotting to compile this story and to make sure the plot and the story synopsis all made sense! I think this is one of the most complicated plots in all of Ad Astra! I have never seen anything with so mysteries and puzzles and intrigue!

The one I do want to talk about Rooter being an isomorphic projection. I have been doing some more thinking and I've been wondering this. How did Rooter have memories? I mean if it were an isomorphic projection were those memories simulated or what? That doesn't quite make any sense because wouldn't Bashir and O'Brien realise something is wrong when they entered Sloan's mind, or the isomorphic projection's mind? That bit I am now not so sure about and I think even an isomorphic projection can not successfully mimic memories. I mean Bashir is genetically engineered and all, would he not suspect something is off?

Then there is that changeling Rennek or Tirak. I am still going under the assumption that these two are actually the same changeling but I still cannot understand why the Rennek changeling would against his people. I mean do the Founders still agree with his missions? Do they allow him autonomy to do what ever he likes so long as he causes damage to the Federation, Klingons and the Romulans?

That bit I am not so sure about so maybe... But whatever dubious bits there were, whatever felt like a stretch those moments were few and far between. And really a story like this should be riddled with plot holes! But it is not and that is a testament to your skills as someone who come up with great plots and stories!

But I will be teasing over this story with a fine tooth comb for both plot holes and information which could help with my series. There is so much on offer here about the Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans and Federation that is a gold mine! Love it!

Author's Response: Rooter? I assume you mean Sloan. The explanation of how Sloan goes discussions on TrekBBS regarding whether Sloan was really dead at the end of "Extreme Measures". And what was agreed on was that things happened a little too easily in that episode and that Sloan wanted only to save Odo while appearing not to give the cure up voluntarily. Sloan could've been extracted at any time during Bashir's unconventional interrogation. From what we know of 31 in canon, forcefields are nothing to them. This particular novel establishes they are always three steps of potential infiltrators like Bashir. So why would "Extreme Measures" have been the exception? Furthermore, I established here that high-level 31 agents have cybernetic implants carrying vital information based on Sloan's statement that the bureau's most valuable record are stored in the minds of a select few. So that's pretty much the thinking behind the notion that Sloan could still be alive.

Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 23:16 Title: Preface

Hee hee, yes Sloan was quite resourceful. This piece provides a tie-in between ST: Nemesis and "Inter Arma...", especially with the explanation of how Sloan got Koval, a man so vehemently against a wartime Federation-Romulan alliance, under his thumb.

Yeah it was a good appraisal and I do explain a bit more about by thoughts on this story. But I thought Section 31's role was greatly expanded concerning their efforts to ensure the Dominion won the war and all of this struggle, strife and intrigue just so the Federation can get back their nadion cannons? I sometimes think Section 31 makes things to complicated and in their elaborate plot to solidify the Klingon/Federation alliance, keep three steps ahead of the Romulans, keep Starfleet secrets under wraps, manufacture an omega particle scare and steal some nadion pulse cannons from Tazwa. How did Section 31 pull it off so well?

It's incredible how all these different goals, parties and agendas come together. Though what was the point of Koval joining the Continuing Committee if he has already retired from it now? I guess that neurological disease he had, I forget the name, must have deteriorate significantly. In fact I think Section 31 could have accelerated Koval's disease, I mean Sloan asked Bashir if he could in Inter Arma... So Section 31, being three steps ahead of everyone else, managed to pull something like this off.

I guess Section 31 considered Koval valuable during the Dominion war, but afterwards. Well Section 31 must have saw an opportunity to get rid of the Tal Shiar chairman didn't they? Flush out one of their own agents perhaps? Though might Koval have suspected something if he noticed his condition degrade? Would he not raise the alarm and give away Section 31 in the process perhaps?

Again you can draw and infer so much from this story it is incredible!

Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 23:06 Title: Preface

There's more to come with Kurn/Rodek. And having Donatra come to Worf's aide gave some backstory to his statement in Nemesis that the "Romulans fought with honor", having met their commander once before.

Yeah you did a good job with Kurn/Rodek and it was rather emotional and all, but very moving. Plus it was a clever move as you said having Donotra side with Worf, yet another moment in this story which explains very subtleties of parts of DS9 and TNG, including Nemisis!

Although Donotra was underused, the moment when Worf realises for the first time that Romulans are capable of honour is a poignant one. For so long Worf has been so racist against Romulans, even after he had that affair with that half Romulan half Klingon woman, he still bore a grudge against the Romulans.

So maybe that's what Worf's vision was all about. When Kahless spoke to him and said that Worf would do something which no Klingon has done before. I wonder; was that overcoming prejudice against the Romulans which is unheard of amongst Klingons?

Thought-provoking stuff as always and this is open to so much interpretation!

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 19:09 Title: Preface

I have to say there has to be quite a challenge in trying to tie so many different threads and novels together atop of the canon. You have to be commended for coming up with a story within those strictures and for surely it is quite a challenge to do so.

I'm returning to this story because I missed out on completing it and glancing at some of LnX's reviews as I tallied them reminded me of how much I was enjoying and getting engrossed in this marvellous epic of a story. So here I go again... wish me luck.

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