Reviews For Omega
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Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2013 07:44 Title: Chapter 15

A nice little summary for all those readers who are unfamiliar, or who have forgotten all the details, of one of the most greatest characters arcs in all of Star Trek. You did a great job summarizing Worf's backstory and I also appreciate the difficulty of you having to include this, plus the additional backstories you have scattered around Omega.

I know it sidetracks the story, but it hast to be there for the context, and I know it must have been annoying for you having to include all of this put I think it is a necessary evil, so that readers who have not seen TNG and DS9 can understand what is going on here.

There are rough edges to Omega, but I think what you are trying to do is amazing creating these interweaving story arcs and characters arcs, whilst connecting events from canon with that of DS9R. It has that epic feel about it you know...

While I can't wait to see things light up in Nimbus Three. One Klingon flagship, two Romulan vessels and one Starfleet runabout... What could go wrong?

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