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Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2013 03:49 Title: Interlude: Flashback One

Why do I get the feeling that Tirak and Martok are working towards the same goal here? God bless DS9 and this story as I'm really loving the intrigue and the additional backstory (and behind the scenes about what really happened during key pivotal points in DS9.

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Dec 2010 03:56 Title: Interlude: Flashback One

Liking the suspicions that are befalling both the Klingons and the Romulans with the growing concern for Dominion infiltrators. The intrigue and backstabbing and vying for power and influence is very fitting within the politics of the story. Liking the devlopment of it all round. And the complications are going to only get even more complicated as both sides begin their own plans.

Oh just one little thing, there are a few errant speech marks about this chapter - some missing at the start of speech and one at the end of a sentence where there is no speech.

Author's Response: A lot of political intrigue going on before and after the Dominion war, certainly affected by the failed Klingon invasion of Cardassia. It also follows up on the female changeling's claim that, "Cardassia is dead! Your people were doomed the moment they attacked us." I would imagine the Founders sought some kind of reprisals against the Cardassians and the Romulans, but it's in a much more subtle manner than an all-out genocidal attack (the events of the series finale giving them an excuse for that).

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